The #1 Vitamin To Support Oral Health (and it’s not Calcium)

Hi! Dr. Mark Burhenne here of So, a lot of cases question, “What is the one complement or vitamin that I can take that would help me have better oral health? ” And that’s an easy answer for me but it may come to a surprise to you and to many. It’s a Vitamin K2. It’s not food. It’s not calcium. It’s not fluoride. We could have the best diet possible but if you don’t have Vitamin K2 on board, you’re not going to have strong teeth and strong bones. Too, your children will not develop amply to their full genetic capability in areas of facial raise. And that has implications later with sleep apnea and facial asymmetry and crowding teeth and profundity teeth that need to be plucked out. So, if it’s not present in the in the bloodstream, there are some proteins that help disperse calcium throughout the body that if they don’t see K2, they will not do their job.So again, you are eligible to have that optimal food, you can be taking a calcium supplement and all you’re doing is putting calcium into parts of your body that you don’t really want to have calcium in, like the walls of your veins. MK7 is probably the most important of the two different versions of Vitamin K2. Although, I make MK4 as well, just in case. They modify their contemplates on that. So, Vitamin K2 is produced by the intestine. If your intestine microbiome is in an optimal state, you’re produce this on your own. We’re designed to do that. But, unfortunately, with the Western diet, that’s not happening as often as we would like. Also, our food has digressed away from a Paleo diet. And the Paleo diet, organ meat and fermented bean curd, butter. You know, all those things that we’ve been told not to eat because of saturated solid. So, our Vitamin K2 storages ought to have been low-pitched in recent past. Again, I would recommend complementing even for their own children. This will help prevent cavities. It’ll help prevent gathering of the teeth due to a small jaw growth. You know, lower forward facial development issues.And so, it’s a big one. I mean for the money and duration you devote complementing and snacking the liberty nutrition, Vitamin K2 is probably the most difficult contributor to oral health that I can think of at this time. So again, Vitamin K2. Read about it. We certainly have a lot on, on our website about it. And I urge you to start thinking about supplementing for your entire house. So regardless, I hope you found that helpful and I look forward to discussing more in the next video.Thanks for watching !.

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