Surviving a stroke – active health (2 of 3)

as for your forearms as well yeah yeah so she does monday tuesday with me and then wednesday she’s a lord daily at the center Thursday’s goes to the ymca and then friday and center him at the princes play imagine it did you know just elongating you do with the elastic yeah that must be good for your strike well done other side very strong yeah any other place sides ah it’s wrong yeah good-for-nothing wrong with this one merely do you do any activities time increasing the muscles without without the sauntering no I meditate by the time we finish this pretty tired today yes where do you feel it Russia dirt in your legs oh yeah may I cause many legs yeah good actually you’re really strong that was really good all right thank you ok you remain for a little and we’re going to go again in a few minutes now I hope to get a lot of my mobility back and learn to do things with both pass rather than try and struggle with one mitt to call my hair or get dressed or coogo do what my daily procedure will single-handedly and so I hope to be able to use both paws it will in a yester now be quite an achievement for me I’m really looking forward to that they do come out sometimes but I’ve got to be completely relaxed right babe three times cup of the moment when it’s I’m also tends to do something but the exercises that I’m doing under the bike the handwriting utilization the handbag well that’s really helpful Oh stand and sit oh when done breathe in and breathe out oh oh hopefully we can keep up with the exercises and the gym and the dive now managed to walk around the gym without my wheelchair but after which and that was really fairly really well I chief something I feel of the obligations coming back Sloane yeah since I’ve been coming to the center I’ve had a lot of help from the group captains and made a lot of positive state and endorsement and I feel as well made a lot of progress since i’ve been coming exhales playing on a full-size call and I drummed the professor’s the whole experience was a boost for everyone evidence exceedingly uplifting very positive and healthy came out feeling different parties we’re going forward yeah we looked forward to receiving it every week it was an ideal opportunity for us to get out and to be part of the community yet for life is not yeah to take part in activities that regular Peter tale bargain well not that we’re not ordinary but we play the badminton those enormous i am play that for years and times but picking up her competition concludes you reached the shuttle over 6 periods which is either way well I get time with the belonging storage device parties had my stroke since the stroking no there was the personnel why is he a piece practise my leg the website help quite a bit I think you said 10 minutes yeah I tried 15 minutes ones which is really spending line-up salsa class found out if they went missing and i will glance from you decide ice on the back here’s a occasion I could I could use my left weapon yeah that’s been my house but the moment there’s not much i can’t support anything then I got a group but combating baby strong I got ya butter but this if I ho trailer holder at grasim drinking revelation sleep so what sort of ice size is he doing we gotta hand live well I haven’t been doing “theyre saying” is well known I should have done introduced the sheet of paper on the table I try to keep your hands there is a pigmented to see this this is what does it realize almost user well I used to computer I he just lost it one side we all light I to the chef chopping I best good-for-nothing because the mom America I can do the chopping but I come to the cat in the chopping is fine picardie needs the whole gathered onto the quizs is there anything you do dwelling to join it simply my legs up I live oppositely so is demonstrated by same highway you do merely keep going all right you can do that when you’re watching telly a one-quarter in the worthless bunked don’t do their the golden and I’ve said because I have the lovely garden it’s not as good as what you typically but they get there will you return her the gaga are you able do anything though we do cuz I’m not fair as the crouch down and again I’m not more good I’ll get the circle drawing us write with it paella well we was just thinking of just settled in Latin development really easy fragments like some tomatoes and things like that there is it get a few people in it be a bit of entertaining that’s been there a long time too probably i flit when we get it planted out we’re having it blotted out perhaps we can integrate your own shoes and your spring onions and tomatoes alarms the other proposals yet Martha grow they develop fairly good were develops Artemis run up rosa figueroa and if they need support you can really meter in all regions of the grows that today is fine too much with the fried chicken show us how it directs Oh tell us how it toils I want to get you back good son come on it play with the five-day goodbye mr.tell me something don’t forget this right.

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