Breathing – Health Risks At Work – Film 1 of 6

breathing in dust and hazardous substances can cause serious damage to your nasal passages windpipe and lungs so when do these risks come from there are a number of places dust on surfaces the sticks poseur on building sites farms and even bakeries dust from sanding woodworking and stone cutting and exposure to asbestos especially in maintenance work also your health is at risk from breathing in vapors and fumes when working with or mixing and accounting chemicals disturbing contaminated surfaces being exposed to fumes from welding vehicles or lab work what are the causes of exposure exposure to dust or fumes can be as a result of many things including the obvious such as poor housekeeping but also poor extraction at the source of the problem poorly maintained or ill-fitting masks or respirators lack of proper storage and spillages and finally an overall lack of suitable training and awareness of the problems and health risks so how does all this affect your health your health can be seriously damaged by exposure which can result in you not being able to do the activities you take for granted work-related asthma obstruction of the airway is known as COPD respiratory allergy and sensitization cancers and the stress ptosis and don't forget smoking will just make it worse so how do you control the risks first of all determine the control suitable to your workplace there are a number of practical things you can do such as install good extraction systems for removing the dust and fumes and don't forget to maintain your equipment avoid working with asbestos by doing the work and some other way take measures to dampen down dust the areas or tasks minimize contamination to your clothing and work surfaces select the correct respirator or mask for the substances you are working with keep monitoring your systems for reduction in dust and fumes levels and finally practice good storage and housekeeping such as cleaning up spills quickly following these examples will help reduce your health risks at work for more information check out the gets health chapter at the end of this DVD and in the guidance pack

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