What is Marketing Automation?

So you’ve built a stunning optimized website for your business. Let me guess how it works. Your marketing team devotes every day driving visitors and turn them into leads, and your sales team spends its time collecting, qualifying organizing and chasing those leads. Not very efficient. Marketing wants to get on with what they do best building and executing creative campaigns and sales wants to focus on what they do best selling your product.

So how do you make both teams happy? Well, the solution is marketing automation by automating. All the repetitive processes, you enable your team to focus on doing what they do best: bringing new customers and making more sales you align marketing with sales and empower both teams to increase our a lion routine time on manual drudgery. So how does marketing automation work? Imagine you’re selling a personal fitness plan package.

Thousands of people visit your website with various levels of interest. Unfortunately, 98 % of those visitors won’t be ready or willing to buy right away. So how do you capture their interest with lead generation? Let me show you how it works when someone visits your site, you offer them a free download of your top ten in morning. Exercise routines to download.

All you have to do is give you their email address and a few other bits of personal information, and that’s it you’ve just captured or generated a new lead once you generate a lead and they match your specific conditions. They’Re added to a personalized email drip campaign designed to gradually warm them up from cold, lead some uninterested in your business to warm someone whose sales ready here’s, how you could set it up. One day after downloading your exercise, routines workflow automatically sends them an email with your killer abs. In ten minutes video two days later, it sends them your top ten healthy Fitness recipes blog post. A few days later, it sends the creative personal fitness plan checklist resource by nurturing your customers.

In this way, you develop a relationship as well as engage them with your business and your product gradually heating them office leads. Then you strike or the lead is warm offering them what you know to be key to conversion. For instance, you know that most people purchase your workout package after attending a webinar. This is what we call it: a ha piece of content, so at this station workflow, your leads are invited to register for your next webinar how to plan your best workout routine after attending the webinar. These leads are now tagged in a database as people who quote-unquote watched, fit planned webinar and can automatically be sent website.

Content is even more personalized to them, so by now your lead is likely to be sizzling. This is the best time for the system to automatically import them into a CRM like Salesforce. Congratulations with the invaluable help of marketing automation, workflows, you’ve, just sold a fitness package and a story right nope marketing automation has way more to offer. Why not turn this one-time customer into a loyal brand ambassador? Firstly, you can upsell on their first purchase by using email automation, to promote the next version up the pro fitness plan package.

Then you can cross, sell necessary or optional accessories like protein shakes and other food items to go along with their new clean diet. And finally, you can offer a cycle based sell, for example, promote the bikini training program to your female customers, a seasonal fitness training program to get in shape right before summer starts now, your ROI is shot through the roof by automatically upselling cross-selling and cycle selling. You’Ve turned a one-time purchase into a lifelong customer, so you see marketing automation, workflows, help you nurture warm and ready. Your leads for a sale as well as enable you to try to one-up purchase into a lifelong customer, and they do all of this. While saving your team time and boosting customer happiness and, of course, increase in revenue, you

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