What Is Internet Marketing?

Hi and welcome to another video in the series on Internet Marketing Basics In this, video you’ll learn exactly what we mean when we talk about Internet Marketing and this understanding will help you to grow a profitable Internet business more quickly Let’s start out by taking a look at the definition of what we mean by Internet Marketing Internet Marketing is the business of selling products and information to intrested buyers using the power of the Internet It seems really straight forward but let’s look a little bit deeper and understand some of the key concepts First of all, Internet Marketing should be a business Sure, you can run it as a hobby if you want – I did for several years when I first started but hobbies typically don’t make you any money! Everything changed for me on the day that I decided to turn my hobby into a business If you approach this as a business then your chances of success will be significantly higher For more information on running a successful Internet Marketing Business check out my blog at www.JohnLandells.com The second key point is that you need to be selling something This could be physical products although this tends to be difficult to scale so you’ll find that most successful Internet Marketers are either selling information products of some form of digital products that don’t need to be shipped When you just starting out, I’d encourage you to focus on selling information as this can most easily be generated and delivered to your customers Next we need a pool of interested buyers If you have a focused business and an amazing digital product that no one wants to buy you won’t make any money Instead you need to find a pool of intrested (or better still, hungry) buyers and create your products around what they’re looking to buy You’ll learn more about this in other videos in this series so I dwell on it here Just keep this crucial point in mind when considering what products to create and you’ll significantly increase your chances of success.

The final point is almost obvious, but is worth mentioning.

Internet Marketing is all about selling over the Internet. Sure, some people have existing offline businesses and make a strategic decision to start selling online. (Barnes & Noble, for example) but we’re focusing specifically on building a new business from scratch where our sole aim is to sell on the Internet. Now, that’s not to say that you’ll ONLY use the Internet to market – you may decide to try newspaper advertising, for example – but your goal with all of your marketing is to get people to your website and to close the sale online. You may need to think about this for a while before it becomes really clear what I’m saying, but believe me, it’s an important distinction to make.

I’m John Landells from Internet Marketing with John at www.JohnLandells.com and I look forward to sharing more of my Internet Marketing Basics in the next video.

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