Why I bought the Lil Nas X ‘Satan Shoes’ – BBC News

[Music] i bought the shoes because i knew the resale value on the shoes was going to be pretty high because of its popularity and also the recent controversies surrounding the shoes actually in the past have we usually thought collecting sneakers was a little bit weird i've never been into it um but i've been a long time fan of mischief i am definitely more into the counterculture kind of aspect of mischief that's what i really love about them none of their drops seemingly make sense they're all going against the mainstream they're all pushing the boundaries i happen to be lgbtq an atheist so for those two reasons alone i wanted to support a black gay man who is attempting to you know show a different narrative in a majority christian country that currently is dealing with a lot of issues with black people [Music] what i do know is that it would significantly hurt the artist community it really has the potential to ruin a lot of people's livelihoods and crush a lot of artistic expression because a huge market of sneakers and artistry in general is reselling and customizing blank canvases like shoes thankfully they seem like they don't really care about the lawsuit and i feel like that's been their attitude in general is that if you're gonna sue us just come at us we're gonna support our fans and we're gonna support the mission of the art collective you

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