US Capitol: Suspect and officer dead after ‘ramming car’ into police – BBC News

that um car barrier that the car is currently crashed into was a post september 11th fix and so that as pete williams said is usually up i want to note that the capital the is exited the vehicle with a knife in hand our officers then engaged that suspect he did not respond to verbal commands the suspect did start lunging toward u.s capitol police officers at what at which time u.s capitol police officers fired upon the suspect at this time the suspect has been pronounced deceased two u.s capitol police officers were transported to two different hospitals and it is with a very very heavy heart that i announced one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries it is happening when barricades that were up uh in the aftermath of that january 6th insurrection have been taken down in the last couple weeks and so it is no doubt going to lead to more questions again about security around the capital and the capital's perimeter you

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