Disturbing images of civilian killings in Ethiopia obtained by BBC – BBC News

disturbing videos which appear to show the killing of unarmed civilians in northern ethiopia by people apparently dressed in ethiopian army uniform have been obtained by the bbc in november the government launched a military campaign in the region of tigre following an attack on an army base thought to have been carried out by the rebel t grey people's liberation front there have been accusations of serious abuses by all sides in the conflict our africa correspondent leila nathu's report contains images that some will find very disturbing armed men in uniform leading a group towards a cliff edge bodies appear strewn across the ground a man is urged to throw one off the cliff you know what if nothing these graphic videos and others like it were passed to the bbc and began circulating on social media last month we've been able to match elements of the landscape shown to features visible on satellite images to identify the location mabere [ __ ] in ethiopia's northern tigray region in november 2020 following an attack on a military base the ethiopian army began an offensive in the region against the tigrai people's liberation front or tplf who are challenging central government rule troops from eritrea are also involved backing the ethiopian government the conflict has largely been hidden from view as access has been severely limited the un is currently investigating numerous allegations of atrocities committed by all sides we can't say for sure when these videos were filmed but the armed men are wearing uniforms that match those used by the ethiopian national defense force or endf they are heard speaking amharic one of ethiopia's official languages the victims are dressed in civilian clothing and are heard speaking the language of the tigrai region for those trying to piece together what's happening on the ground this is more evidence of shocking violence i mean since the beginning of the conflict in the tigre region we've documented a whole magnitude of very serious abuses including extrajudicial executions by ethiopian government forces and their allies and this is absolutely an incident which would require further investigation because what we are seeing here in the video could could amount to war crimes we put the videos and claims to the ethiopian government who said they were open to independent investigations in the tigrai region and said social media posts and claims could not be taken as evidence they added that investigations into allegations were welcome for remedial action and accountability after months of darkness slowly a horrifying picture is beginning to emerge of the bloody events that have occurred there over the past five months leila nathu bbc news in nairobi

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