Chauvin trial: Footage shows paramedics responding to Floyd arrest – BBC News

he asked me um if he could get my number and we had our first kiss in the lobby and that's when our relationship started and after that how close did you become um we are very close floyd and i uh both suffered with opioid addiction our story uh it's it's a classic story of how many people get addicted to opioids we both suffered from chronic pain mine was in my neck and his was in his back we both had prescriptions we know and that drugs played a role here the defense has laid that out they believe that that was the cause of mr floyd's death and so i think it was very key that the the state had a witness that would be able to speak to the drug use and speak to mr floyd from familiarity with it that he struggled with addiction that she herself struggled with addiction that they know the drugs that they were using that she knows what it looks like when he's had an overdose i think was very key evidence that needed to come in today [Music] and what did you see when you got out of the of the ambulance in terms of the patient's condition at that point i was standing a little ways away so i couldn't get him now my partner would have a more accurate description of his condition at that point but from what i could see where i was at i didn't i didn't see any breathing or movement or anything like that and while your partner was checking for a pulse and checking pupils were the officers still on top of george floyd while that process was going on [Applause] in a living person there should be a pulse there i did not feel one i suspected this patient to be dead okay in late terms you

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