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hello and welcome brazil's president bolsonaro is facing the biggest crisis of his time in office after the heads of the army navy and air force all quit as the pandemic rages through the country the unprecedented resignation of the defence chief is being seen as a protest that attempts by mr bolsonaro to exert undue control over the military brazil registered 3780 covert deaths in the last 24 hours now this is a new record in the country which now regularly accounts for about a quarter of coronavirus deaths worldwide on any given day that is more than any other nation in total nearly 314 000 people have now died there that is second only to the united states mark labelle has the latest getting vaccinated in brazil takes on a new urgency with overcrowded hospitals and a record death rate haunting the country right now it's very difficult what we are going through but god willing it will all be all right in jesus name but while receiving the jab brings relief for some there are many now openly questioning what is going on in the president's name from his lack of vaccine diplomacy which has denied the country crucial vaccine supplies to his fighting of lockdowns across the country in the courts an approach his defense chief fernando azevedo apparently found hard to stomach his surprise sacking on monday may explain why in an unprecedented move the commanders of the army navy and air force have all resigned on mass their replacements haven't been announced yet but the new defense minister has and with it speculation that this major reshuffle is more to do with politics than the pandemic with the popular former leftist president luis inacio lula da silva cleared of corruption charges to challenge president bolsonaro in october 2022 the president appears to be keen to free up posts to install loyalists in anticipation of possibly stormier times ahead [Music] but with hospitals overwhelmed including these cues for intensive care units and the death rate up in the country will the president be able to regain control of his domestic politics amid his country's current struggle to contain the global pandemic mark lobel bbc news let's go live now to hospital santa clara de sao paulo and speak to dr danilo mcsoud who is a cardiologist working in intensive care throughout this pandemic doctor thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us can you explain the situation in the intensive care in your hospital and in others throughout brazil yes good afternoon lucie um situation in hospital is very uh is still very critical i see your beds infirmary beds are overcrowded and many people looking for help in emergency rooms uh as i said before there is there is no scientific data uh on age group of those infected but we observe a much younger population compared to the first wave of the infected and faster clinical deterioration too has the health system in the country collapsed yes yes i can see for you that we are collapse what do you need most right now uh i think that in the next few days uh probably we need more icu beds we need more people capacity to work in icu beds and i'm afraid that we don't have this kind of people here how is your staff coping how are medical people throughout the country managing with this kind of pressure yeah we are leaving exhausting routines from physical and uh psychological point of view uh try to contain the emotional stress of the health team at the same time you know uh that we we know uh uh uh you know to need to maintain the balance to treat these patients who are very serious doctor what do you think of president bolsonaro's handling of this crisis uh from the beginning of the pandemic was not taken uh serious by the federal government a total lack of recommendations and a lot of fun was done about the disease and the possibility of the possibility of men that's and now we are in this alarm situation so now that we've seen all of these defense chiefs step down and this real political crisis brewing do you think things are going to change i don't know for me uh the fact that happened yesterday about the designation of the heads of the armed force there is very symbolic uh we had a recent military government that was established after a military cup and it was exactly 61 years ago in march 31 of 1960 i think this shows that the high common of brazilian arms are on the side of democracy and distance from the from the authoritarian nature of the governor of the federal government uh i think that's the big biggest military issue we have since uh since beginning of 1977.

So a huge moment politically as well what's happening with vaccinations in the country are people confident in vaccines or is there some hesitancy uh there are two vaccines here manufacturing manufacturing locally but we import the raw material with the lack of raw material and the lack of the other vaccines i i think that we have uh are not vaccines at all we are fascinated only healthcare workers and the early people are from 17 years old and you don't have a sins for all british genius doctor if things continue like they are now hard for you to imagine i know since you're so exhausted but what is your greatest fear if i can have to choose who will life that is a very somber and sad choice for any doctor to have to make thank you very much for joining us and giving us some insights into what your life is like right now and in the country too dr daniela mixer joining us from sao paulo

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