Derek Chauvin trial: ‘I called police on the police’ – BBC News

at some point um did you make a 9-1-1 call that is correct uh did call the police on the police and why did you do that because i believe i witnessed a murder [Music] he's not even resisting the rest right now bro officer 97 killer uh citizen in front of a chicago uh store he just pretty much just killed this guy that wasn't resisting the rest he had his knee on the dude neck the whole time [Music] it's fair to say that you grew angrier and angrier no i grew professional and professional i stayed in my body you can't pay me out to be angry [Music] i see a man on the ground and i see a cop kneeling down on him was there anything about the scene that you didn't want your cousin to see yes and what was that man terrified scared begging for his life looking at it right now i think that the defense may have underestimated these witnesses and their impact these witnesses were very credible they were very thoughtful and deliberate about what they were the information that they were kind of conveying they were also very adamant and clear about what they saw there was no confusion everyone was on one accord and rather than poke holes like the defense would want to do in a case like this it seems to have unified these stories as you listen to them back to back for the jurors did you become more concerned over time yes and why was that that you became more concerned or worried because i slowly knew that um if they were if he were to be held down much longer he wouldn't live and what made you think that um because he was you could see in his face that he was slowly not being able to breathe his eyes were rolling back and um at one point he just kind of sat there [Music] and when you say hit there sorry when you just kind of sat there or laid there um did you notice the change in his ability to speak or or make sounds yes take your time if you need a tissue there's some right there this is difficult for you to talk about yeah it's not about today or tomorrow it's about what the jurors remember across the course of this entire trial so right now the prosecution is leading because they're calling their witnesses so you're going to be seeing it from their vantage point when the medical experts start to come you're going to see a reversal in that you'll start to see the defense become more comfortable in their position because this is the strength of their case so you'll start to see the shifts and the volleying back and forth during these periods you

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