Unity Fitness – 1/2 Kneeling Shoulder Press

for a half kneeling single arm shoulder press you start the same hafnium stances that will used in the warm-up sometimes make sure your back foot is engaged into the floor allowing you to squeeze your glute tighter and hold your core tight hey take time pay attention to not overextending to keep your glutes nice and tight keep your body up grab a dumbbell you press this right through here and then usual stance working on balance and core stability bicep goes up out to hear the other arm can go out for balance okay I don't want it resting on that hit so it looks like from the front I'll show you the other side you're here chin start looking straight ahead working on that balance again you can put your hand on your hip but I don't want it resting up here where you're leaning over also something to keep in mind when you're pressing up and going through your motions that you're exhaling and the arm that's pressing is of the knee that's down okay my left knees down my left arms pressing switch over to the other side raise the court so charm such place

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