Total Body Sculpt Plus – Functional Fitness Workout # 1

welcome to total body scalps everybody i'm balázs your host we're gonna have a great workout for you today we're gonna work on your buttocks and thighs shoulders and arms from here we're gonna raise the need for up step back good now what are we looking for here all we want to do is slightly pulling the ABS lift the knee up and use your hands like running hands six from here we're gonna kick straight up so you kick step back side to side nice keep smiling keep smiling guys we're just warming up it's the next segment that I'm gonna make you suffer watch I'm pushing off my hands legs reaching out from here like I'm grabbing a hammer and throwing it out down onto lift up onto again same side down on to lift up onto again down on to nice and slow and up again nice and slow take your time and up now let's add the buys those who know us down and up go down and up again down now we're gonna press it into the shoulders watch down and lift down take it to the forearm and lift down when you're turning you want to give a slight turn to the way downwards the elbow comes only to the shoulder level that's all you need to do right here to the shoulder level and down it's harder this way post because we're working the middle part of the shoulder muscle from here we go out and in in singles good out and in extend and in extend and in watch my positioning of my body my shoulders are square to the floor that way I can force the work into the triceps abdominals slightly pull the end right here we're going to take one way to the center of the body from here we're going to go up and down squeeze so what I'm doing is I'm moving the weight straight up straight down focus deeply into the forearm right here go hate more down what I want you to do when we're doing this exercise is keep your shoulders pressed down then the elbows come 2 inches up 2 inches down squeeze it real good I am ready to get your heart rate going come on get up and let's punch a little bit here you're gonna have a lot of fun I promise you that come on once you get into the groove of the move I want you to start going a little deeper into it good nice good jab hook step back good jab jab hook two more just like this jab jab hook step back jab jab hook both arms good jab jab hook both arms I'm gonna add two knees up up right here and five and six and seven let's go jab jab hook hit two knees and jump row six seven let's go for more hip hip good two more nice a four more now two more come on good why is it white white I can see somebody sitting no know if somebody is sitting watch look step up your chance everybody up on to go down on to up and squeeze so you're pushing your knees outwards and contracting the buttocks and you're coming up down take your time squeeze into the buns down and squeeze down squeeze the buttocks and the quads at the same time very nice work everybody I know this is burning because I feel the burn so I know what you're feeling but I want you to hang in there with me with us for eight more counts right here hey seven good good let's get the fast twitch muscles to work a little bit by hopping softly landing on the floor keep thinking but not squeezing the whole way up four more three more let's use to a little bit of plyometrics right here from here we're gonna go lunch Center lunch Center lunch Center four more times like this okay make us jump very soft like a cat the last one squeeze and lift Wow step down if that is not gonna change that where your buttocks looks I don't know what will two counts up two counts down two counts up my elbows are gonna stay slightly bent at the top of the move squeeze into the chest release again squeeze in and release what I'm looking for is a contraction of the chest muscles squeezing in and releasing back pull on to watch my torso I keep my torso nice and tall with a slight tilt forward let's contract the upper abs pull the lower abs in what I'm doing is I'm doing with the strength of the abdominals cooling and extending pull extend pull and up and down and up take a second here to just relax back pull your knees into the chest and see you next time you

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