Skateboarding an ‘insane’ 4,000km across Australia – BBC News

sometimes when i um tell people they're just like so mind blown because it does it sounds it literally sounds insane my name's gordy i'm from broken hill and i'm currently trying to skateboard from melbourne to camps in order to raise money to build wow their first ever skate park but i just looked at the the map and was like yeah melbourne decans like it's totally doable i'll go do that i didn't realize how big australia was i've never been anywhere on the coast before so all up it's about 4 200 4 000 kilometres give or take a few hundred kilometers this all kind of started last year we were in lockdown with corona you know i was like getting bored at my job i wanted to get out i wanted to go on an adventure you know i've got nine liters of water with me a bunch of fruit two meals a good attitude beef jerky 100 kilometers in front of me with no stops in between it's going to be 35 degrees there's loads of trucks and it's going to be really hilly i'm going to kill it yeah it's just a skateboard that i was comfortable using i've got a little bit bigger wheels that are a bit softer so it's easier for me to sort of skateboard over rocks and things on the road but i'm on like my fifth pair of shoes because i'm going through a pair of shoes nearly every two weeks i've had to walk over 50 kilometers today it's more than a marathon i am three quarters of the way there i've got a thousand kilometers left it's just like the really really long days being constantly under sun dodging all the traffic from skating side by side with caravan trucks and things like that and i'm constantly looking on the road for you know rocks and sticks and anything where i could like be in danger there is a huge python that's just eaten i'd say um so yeah but mentally and physically it's the most exhausting thing that's new south wales and that's queensland during my journey i've met so many people along the way that have been putting me up for accommodation and making me meals and it's really like being the highlight of my trip just meeting all these strangers and stuff and just they're being so kind to me and it's really it's really heartwarming there's so many kids over there that are skateboarding and it's gaining so much popularity but there's there's nowhere safe for them to skateboard they're just skateboarding on the streets and i think it's an important thing that they um should be able to have a safe place to skate so that's what i'm doing this for this is oh do it get on it do it 100 i highly recommend it for anyone because it's totally doable and it's so much fun it's hard work but it's really really rewarding it's really really cool well i'm throwing a massive massive party maybe the second thing i will do though after the party i'm definitely gonna get a foot massage for sure you

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