ha good morning everyone its second day ha i maxed out at eight-twenty today I'm sore as [ __ ] but I still pushed hard um made it eight minutes and 20 seconds but I finished the whole 30 minutes I just maxed out at eight-twenty so hope you all are doing good let's push play today let's stay on track on our eating and let's do move of the day gotta get it in now cuz i'm going to be wiped out after this so let's do it we are going to do um waist twist cuz i can't do no more nice stuff we did knees yesterday legs legs today obviously i'm wearing both knee braces today so that's what it is so i got a 10-pound plate so let's do it so you're just gonna hold your core really tight and we're gonna twist one two three four five six seven eight years stopping your momentum with your waist 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 huh there you have it sorry I did arms legs abs triceps biceps you name it I did it today Tabata um there you have it keep going girls I'm store I talk I knew I was gonna be sore this morning so last night I talked my side said you're gonna be sore you're gonna get up you're gonna do it you're gonna do your best you're gonna do your best so if you are sore which I know oh which I know if you're like me you're sore so you dig deep you do the best you can and let's do it if this 54 year old can do it well almost 54 you could do it too I know Marco's gonna push play today that lady rock so come on she's my inspiration if she could do it I could do it if I could do it you could do it let's go go go love ya that's

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