Child migrants: The challenges facing Biden at the US-Mexico border – BBC News

the number of migrants crossing into the united states continues to rise the growing crisis at the u.s mexico border the majority of migrants that we're seeing today on the border have actually been waiting in tijuana for at least a year and sometimes two years it's you know just families living in tents and what we've seen in years past in these kind of situations is that this is really a booming business model for smugglers president biden has reopened limited asylum processing so it's only about here in tijuana 25 to 40 people a day by and large for the rest the hope has not materialized because we're not getting guidance from the biden administration as to when regular asylum processing will reopen it's just creating a rumor mill really driven by smugglers and other organized crime groups who really want to take advantage of people who are stuck at the border in really exposed conditions like those who are living in camps the biden administration changed one of trump's policies to say that unaccompanied children would no longer be turned back so that's one of the reasons we're seeing an uptick now before the new president took office we didn't have these types of numbers coming across as we see unaccompanied children all the time the capacity for receiving and processing children into the system has been vastly reduced due to covid that has hindered the ability of the biden administration to admit and process people into facilities appropriate for care of children this is not the time to come we don't we have not had the time to put in place an immigration system an immigration policy we don't have the processing we need at the border they have to surge resources they have to find facilities that can take families and children as soon as possible that takes time and resources so i think that's the reality of governing as opposed to campaigning i would in fact make sure that there is we immediately surge to the border all those people are seeking asylum president biden needs to find a process that can allow people who arrive to be treated humanely but decide relatively quickly whether or not they can stay according to our laws they need to think about what they're going to do with the immigration courts that are already severely backlogged can people file their asylum cases directly with the asylum officers at u.s citizenship and immigration services is it necessary that all cases funnel into those courts when the coveted restrictions are no longer necessary will we have the capacity to process them or will we end up having essentially overrun facilities uh with families and other asylum seekers at the border i think that's what the by administration is hoping to avoid but it needs to take a lot of steps right now before that happens i have hope that things will improve but i have to say it's very difficult living here on the border and going to these encampments and talking to the migrants who are suffering every day and telling them that we don't have any answers for them you

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