North Korea fires two ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan – BBC News

north korea has fired two ballistic missiles that flew hundreds of kilometers to land in the sea of japan the prime minister called them a threat to peace in a violation of u.n resolutions the launches are pyongyang's first ballistic missile test since president biden took office in january professor robert kelly is a north korea expert at busan national university in south korea and we asked him how much for threat these missiles are the north koreans have had a pretty significant missile capacity now for at least a decade and the ability to strike the united states right to send them very very far um for at least four years so i'm not really sure that this actually adds anything dramatic that we haven't seen i don't think it indicates for example the north koreans aren't willing to more willing to use them for example my own read of this is that it's probably sort of a test or sort of an effort to kind of provoke the bite administration in its early days to tell them you know we're here you can't push us around pay attention to us that sort of thing i think the biden people actually be quite wise not to say a whole lot i mean this is how they responded to the shorter range tests just a few days ago and the reason i suggest that is not because north korea is not a threat it obviously is the japanese are right in their response it's just that the biden people and the south koreans and the japanese too and we just don't have a lot of good options right and we can't strike the sites obviously we're not going to risk a conflict with north korea they've got nuclear weapons um north korea is already under sanctions we can't i mean i suppose you could just slap more on them but that's you know we've already gone down that route pretty far so the biden administration's options are pretty limited and i think this is why the biden people have been fairly quiet about it right i don't i think they don't want this to be sort of ginned up or sort of read into a test of its resolve or its willingness to sort of be tough because the options are just so poor

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