Hundreds missing after devastating fire in world’s biggest refugee camp – BBC News

at least 15 people have died and hundreds more are missing after a fire broke out at a large refugee camp in bagland bangladesh tens of thousands of rohingya muslims who had fled persecution in neighboring myanmar are now homeless the authorities in bangladesh say they have begun an investigation into how the fire started at the camp in cox's bazar our south asia correspondent rajini van nadin reports each pillar marks out what was once a makeshift hut these smoldering remains are all that's left for thousands of refugees this cramped and congested camp now reduced to ash beggar lost her home in the fire my two sons are missing i'm looking for them everywhere she said the massive fire started in one section of the settlement on monday afternoon but soon spread destroying homes schools and hospitals refugees ran for their lives rohingya muslims who'd fled a military crackdown in their home myanmar more than three years ago once again on the moon johanna has been searching the camps with one of her sons trying to find six-year-old muhammad who's not been seen since the fire broke out i don't know whether he's dead or alive she said please god help me find my son i just want him back close to a million rohingyas live in the world's largest refugee camp already in dire poverty they're once again struggling to survive age groups say more than 45 000 refugees have now been left homeless well i think the fire is a continued symptom of the larger deterioration within the camps um it's three years on this is a protracted refugee crisis obviously a failure of the international community to find a solution with the ongoing military coup in myanmar rohingya refugees can't go home any time soon with their temporary homes now destroyed their life in limbo continues with universe bbc news delhi

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