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hello and welcome to bbc world news results from the long-awaited u.s trial of the oxford astrazeneca covert vaccine route and confirmed the shot is both safe and highly effective but trust in the jab has plunged in many european countries because of safety concerns latest polls have found that over 60 percent of people questioned in france and more than half of those interviewed in germany thought the oxford astrazeneca vaccine was unsafe our health correspondent dominic hughes has more the vaccination program now well underway in the united states a new trial has cleared the way for the astrazeneca jab to be added to the armory it confirms it's safe and effective especially for older people that adds to the growing body of evidence from the use of the jab in millions of patients in the uk we do of course have a lot of data now coming through from the uk on the use of the vaccine in older people in people over 70 and people over 80 and showing that in real world use of the vaccine there is very high effectiveness of the vaccine it's keeping people out of hospital it's stopping them getting infected even in these older age groups but these empty chairs at a german vaccination center back up a new survey suggesting many in europe have lost confidence in the astrazeneca jab following a scare over blood clots even though the vaccine has now been given the all clear by the eu medicines regulator it shows just how easily faith in vaccines can be undermined and a rising wave of infections across the continent throws into doubt the hopes of so many people of filling up these empty beaches this summer if those breaks can go ahead vaccination and testing will be crucial vaccination non-stop uh this is where the efforts of the spanish government are at the moment and i'm sure that with this uh the summer will look brighter and of course we will be more than glad to receive our tourists from the uk as we've always had but the prospect of holiday makers returning from countries currently in the middle of a fresh outbreak is causing concern keeping track of those new variants will be one of the biggest challenges for the coming months a new process of genetic screening that could halve the time it takes to detect known variants is now undergoing trials it's another weapon in what will be a long fight against coronavirus dominic hughes bbc news okay i'm joined now by caleb semple professor of outbreak medicine at the university of liverpool in the uk thank you professor so much for joining us uh here on the program this trial really is the good news that astrazeneca so desperately needed it's gold standard evidence this is a randomized control trial it's been conducted in three more geographically distinct countries and it validates the results found in britain south africa and brazil this is very good news and yet when we were just showing our piece there i mean empty vaccination centers people concerned about getting vaccinated the overall reputational damage to astrazeneca as a result of of the politicization of this vaccine is huge it's most unfortunate and we have to stress if you want to get a disease that causes clots some of the worst clots that can kill you catch covert now the vaccine is safe that's very different from saying entirely risk-free crossing the road has some risks in it but we still have to cross the road but this vaccine will protect you from death and critical illness and it will protect most people from acquisition and minor disease the risk of clots if it's real and we don't know it is is incredibly small compared to the benefit from the vaccine there's one other feature we know about too some people catch covert around the time that they're vaccinated and that could be confusing the signal here of this phenomenon where very few people have been noted to have developed claws so i think people need to take advice from the regulators we've now heard from the world health organization we've heard for the mhra in the uk and we've heard from the european union's regulator that this vaccine is safe when uh the trials produce such good results and as you say these these sort of reassuring remarks from different uh health organizations why then is astrazeneca getting such bad press i think this is partly to do with fake news the power of the echo chamber of social media and sadly there is some politics coming in here as well from some countries who are uh trying to get hold of more vaccine when they didn't put orders in earlier than other countries i think that's most unfortunate i think it's frankly unprofessional when politicians do that health and scientists have done their absolute utmost to generate safe vaccines and to to distribute these and for politics to enter this at this stage is most unfortunate professor caleb semple thank you so much for joining us here on the program my pleasure

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