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you know with the hottest trend is in Fitness it's walking more people can't walking as their top form of exercise than any other activity and with good reason walking is simple it's easy on your body but it's great for burning calories and strengthening muscles and now with this video I've made walking a workout for all seasons and in all weather in this workout we'll walk in place using the basic walking step then we're gonna add a little music and a lot of flair for a safe effective workout whether your goal is weight loss or just a good solid exercise routine now the emphasis of this program is both aerobic endurance and agility what's great about this workout is that you can start out with just the foot movements and then you can add the arms later and if you find any of it too difficult the first time around just keep marching to the music we continually come back to that marching step so you're always going to be able to catch up now the workout really goes by quickly the music is great it's a lot of fun and I've made it easy to follow so you can do it alone with a friend or anyone who wants to share your healthy attitude my goal is to motivate you to get into a regular exercise routine we'll burn lots of calories train our hearts and lungs to work efficiently and strut with style all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes to support your feet and a bit of clear floor space around you also remember to keep plenty of water handy to keep yourself hydrated you may need a towel nearby for drying off after our routine now we're going to be checking our exertion level a couple of times during the workout the goal is to work at a consistently moderate level a level that you could describe is somewhat hard in general your body should feel warm yet energetic enough to be able to continue the routine you never want to push it so hard that you get out of breath if you feel that way during the workout slow down and go back to the March now here's what's coming up we're gonna warm it up with a March take it back to the sixties then we're gonna go Latin get current with some 90s funk and finishing up by cooling down with a walkout are you ready let's go okay

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