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hey everyone at home I am stool opponent this is Jeff Hirsh we are from xfa Fitness and the ripped ISM 60 day program we're at kinetic comm today with our part two of our intro to high-intensity interval training so today the moves are going to get a little bit more complex than last time however we're still going to keep it at a nice slow low intensity pace to start you off and if you want to dial it up for the last 15 seconds or so you can join right in and dial it up with us Jeff's going to take us through a quick warmup okay let's get it going here we got two minutes to warm up so let's bounce it out down so let's get the heart moving let's get the blood moving to the body heart's pumping we don't to stretch out cold especially here in New York too cold day today you want to pop anything let's get a little blood moving first we'll stay safe so we're going to use the whole body today we're gonna be doing different cycles and moves you'll see how that goes so let's stretch everything out ready let's come down stop jogging and let's go down into plank here we go quick warm-up today so back into downward dog we're going to stretch out the calves hamstrings glutes lower part of the body very effective very easy way to get this done back to plank step the right foot up to the right hand now take your right arm up if you can and just stretch it up go as far as you can if you can go straight up perfect if not go as far as you can back down back to plank left foot up same thing other sides reach it straight up we're stretching out the whole body here with one stretch this is a really effective move back down to plank and let's go into upward dog get the core loosened up because are going to be using that today shoulders chest everything all right so let's go back to plank to give me a little mini push-up if you have to be underneath that's okay give me another mini push-up we're going to get the muscles warmed up here one more mini push-up great jump up your hands to your feet to your hands come up slowly let's stretch out that shoulder arm across on the left awesome read while we stretch and breathe in and out same thing other side right and over perfect to reach up straight in the air bring the hand straight down stretched out to chest bring those hands together put them out in front of you wide open them up stretch out the shoulders very nice last stretch we're going to do is hands prisoner behind your head and just in and out get those shoulders warmed up we're going to be using everything today we're going to be switching on and off of the moves like always you guys going to get the benefit of everything at home so follow along if you want to do hi in Tennessee's density we'll show you that low intensity we'll show you that too it's just part two so let's get warmed up let's get ready we've got 20 seconds Sue's going to show us your first move and I'm going to exercise here we go ups going to exercise you guys got about 15 seconds grab your light dumbbells set a threes fives eight ten somewhere in that range depending on your fitness your first move you don't need any weights alright put them down follow Jeff he's going to be fielding a ground ball and shooting a jump shot three two one go show him Jeff good job he's shooting he's shuffling feeling a ground ball shooting and shuffling what's that working pretty much everything he's working those glutes and those hamstrings in those quads when he squats down he's getting that plyometric move in when he jumps and he's shuffling and staying low keeping that tension on his legs again we're starting out in a low intensity move here but for the last 15 seconds or so coming up we're going to dial it up if you're ready to dial it up show them Jeff pick up the pace a little bit he's going to jump a little higher move a little faster you don't have to follow you can stay slow feel your body feel how you're feeling today you got three seconds left two one 15-second break all right 15-second break we're going to on our next move upper body for prone grip rows and we're going to row eight times fast grab your lightweights we're going fast here three two one prone grip row four times and then he's going to bang out a fast hammer what we're doing here so we're building up your endurance we're not really doing any hypertrophy training here we're building up your endurance making those muscles work getting them used to burning so that later on it'll be easier for you to complete full 45 seconds now Stu's going to a nice clip here if you need to go a little slower in the beginning that's okay just do your pace again this is part two of our four part series so we're not going crazy today but the last fifteen seconds we're going to pick it up for you here we go so he's wrong and he's just rolling rolling two different ways you're working the back here while you're in a little bit of a chair sit position working the legs keeping the heart rate up three two one break whew what we got Stu all right your next move is your plyometric move you're going to grab your weights Jessica to grab his he's going to hop in and out four times and then four press jacks three two one go so he's going to start out slow take it nice and slow four hops in four jacks with those dumbbells do you have to use the dumbbell as a nope put those dumbbells down if they're too heavy if you want to do this with gravity I promise you you're going to feel that – good job Jeff he's pressing it out a nice slow controlled pace he's going to dial it up in a little while getting those feet as close to those hands as he can when he jumps in last fifteen seconds right now he's going to picking up the pace show him Jeff good job good job at home you got ten seconds left fight through it you got five four three two one take your 15-second break onto the next move we're going to lower body alternating one leg air rope three times to squat Stuart's going to show you in three seconds two one no weights here we go so he's jumping on one leg mimicking a jump rope going into a squat squishing to the other leg so it's one two three squat other leg one two three squat now he's going on a nice slow pace here if this is too fast you just go or slow that's all it takes we're going to pick it up at the end though and those of you who want to do high-intensity who are live with us today bang it out let's get it going fire out as many as you can we've got 45 seconds per move 15 seconds rest no excuses you're live today thanks for joining us 50 more seconds to pick it up let's show them the fast version here here we go nice work nice work notice these moves are getting more complex part 1 we had simpler moves now we're moving to the more complex stuff for our three we're going to pick up the intensity sustain two for that next time three two one break good job take your 15-second break we're down to our core boom you're going to sit on your back you're going to grab your dumbbells you're going to go back in a nice fly and then touch in the front two one go good job he's coming back not all the way back he's gonna get stopped his back a couple inches off the ground he's squeezing his stomach the entire time back the entire time up good job and what's he doing with those dumbbells not only is he working that core he's getting a little chest bonus with those dumbbell flyes good job that's too much for you put the weights down just use your arms and practice going back 15 seconds left he's going to stay at a nice controlled pace choose your dumbbells wisely five seconds left come on Jeff last couple reps three two one good job excellent job we're back to our cardio move cardio I'm up Stew's going for spider planks to get down in plank here and then he's going to show you the second part of that so for spider planks and then we're going to go into a I think it's across and here we go spider plank and then he's going to do cross knee like that so for spider planks then cross the knee now he's at a pretty good pace here again this is our beat a little bit of a beginner move it with this speed so if you want to pick it up you're flying here okay let's stay with him if you're at the beginning pace or go slower either way it's okay again a little more complex than you saw in part one but you can still keep it a low intensity this is going to get your heart rate up this is going to make you work it's going to make you burn you're going to get in shape it's gonna be awesome twelve more seks let's pick it up Stu show him how to do it nice excellent five more seconds like that great work three two one awesome whoo that hurt I felt that my legs everywhere back to our upper body move he's going to grab light dumbbells again you're going to do a deadlift to an upright row to an arm extension and back three two one show him Jeff so he's keeping those legs pretty straight as he goes down just past that knee squeezing his butt on the way up and then for the upright row elbows are always higher than your hands squeezing your upper back then let's get our shoulders involved with that extension so you're hitting back and you're hitting legs you're hitting shoulders you're hitting core with that deadlift everything good job perfect form he's staying pretty controlled for the last 15 seconds he'll move it up a little bit but not too crazy show him Jeff pick it up a little bit good he's still under control he's just getting a couple extra reps in there good job listen to your body what's your body telling you you got five seconds left three two one good job take your break next move going plyometric here Oh long jump and we're going into a Burpee so long jump down into a vert B and then four high knees back ready three two one long jump Burpee up four high knees back so if you can stay with his pace great if you got to go slower perfect if you can go faster let's see what you got we got 45 seconds per move find the level that works for you stick with it and then go faster we're going to mix to go a little bit faster in those last 15 seconds if you're with us at home you're with this pace you're a little slower those live 15 seconds pick it up and you're going to see how much heartrate accelerates and how much better you feel at the end of this workout ready here we go jump Burpee up high knees back do it at home eight more seconds you got this let's go five four three two one take your rest Ruiz works too well I'm ready to be done now now my heart rates moving we're back to our lower body move grab your H Jeff you're gonna do a reverse lunge dumbbells overhead and you're gonna twist toward that front leg go twist I promise you this hurt so if the dumbbells are too much for you practice this with no dumbbells first just that little twist is a game changer rotating getting that core involved when Jeff and I like to work out you can see this in all our workouts in the rift isn't program we'd like to involve multiple muscles in every move you got 15 seconds left but we're gonna stay under control here multiple muscles burn multiple calories the more bang for your buck so he's getting the legs he's getting the shoulders he's getting the core and you got two seconds left break awesome 15-second break going to the core tabletop dumbbell pass rounds are going to be down on the ground in tabletop passing the weight around the legs three two one so you're just rotating that weight around the legs now you can go one direction you can go back and forth maybe do 20 seconds one way 20 seconds the other way I'll let you know when the 20 seconds is up so you can pass around the other direction if you like nice works do great work at home so what you're doing here holding this tabletop position working that core you're also working the shoulders a little bit of the chest and you're getting your heart rate up switch your 20 seconds here if you want to and you do one move when you're laying on the ground if you're laying on the ground working out isn't that awesome you don't always have to be standing up jumping or running around you can also be laying down holding static positions moving slight movements like that getting those tiny muscle fibers working everything's working together three two one break excellent work felt that one hope you did it we've got good old-fashioned suicide runs all cardio no wage chefs going to go side to side reaching down to the ground work that core get that heart rate up if it's not already 2-1 follow Jeff he's going to start out nice and slow nice and controlled this is only part two of our intro to high-intensity interval training we know you can go faster we know Jeff can go faster but for those of you that are doing this for the first time and not used to going all-out for 45 seconds start out slow like this and then if you got more energy as you build up to it I promise you it'll come fast with this kind of training you can pick it up Jeff's got about 15 seconds left he's going to move a little faster now for those of you that want to join him picking it up reaching across every time he reaches he's working that core good he's working those legs staying low excellent work perfect form three two one take your break fifteen seconds going back to upper body high plank spider to low plank spider we're up spidering spidering low plank spidering spidering three two one here we go now if you got to be on your knees to start that's okay maybe you're here you know maybe you're here and then go down you're here it's okay but if you can hold that plank you're gonna work that much harder see results that's that much more quickly maybe you just hold plank here maybe you can't even do the spider that's okay if you can't do Pike just try to hold that plank for 45 seconds you'll see how difficult that is and then when you're ready pick one leg up moving and then the other side Stu's doing excellent work here fall along him with home 15 seconds let's pick it up for those of you at home that want to go hard the whole way don't let us stop you I know you tune in for a live workout so get the most out of it five four three two one break I'm dripping wet that's a good side I mean it's working plyometrics move you're gonna jab more times to your left do a tuck jump jab four times you're right 3 2 1 start out slow for jabs every time he jabs he's engaging that core he's not just flailing his arm out there he's squeezing his stomach trust me good I'm gonna try not to get hit in the face but I'm gonna give a little target here I know he wants to hit me make him do this move good job buddy if you don't want to do that tuck jump what can you do go smaller or just go up in your toes if you're not quite ready Geoff's done this before so he's ready hit about a couple seconds I'm gonna tell me from quicken up the pace quicken her up Jeff good he's gonna get a little higher he's gonna punch a little faster ten seconds left what do you have left at home come on five seconds good four more punches three two one break got one good job lower body time here we go lower body prisoner squat hop it's going to look like this you're going to squat down knee to elbow squat down knead it up over the twist ready three two one here we go squatting down twisting knee to elbow squatting down twisting knee to elbow just fall along that at home again slow pace to begin with what we're doing here for that last 15 seconds is we're getting you used to working out as hard as you can so for that last 15 seconds really push it really try to get the most out of go to 100% 110% of your maximum threshold and you'll see you'll get you set 15 seconds and then the next time you is maybe you go for 20 or 25 and all sudden you're doing a whole 45 seconds maybe a minute and that's going to crease your cardiovascular capacities can make you more fit just slow steps each time pick it up stew here we go ten more seconds squat twist squat twist squat twist simple three two one excellent work good job at home my legs are on fire after that we're back to our core move you're going to be the tabletop and you're going to be swiveling your feet hitting your hands on either side three two one go now it's a small movement he's just twisting his hips and trying to tap his hands to the heel of his foot and I promise you his obliques on either side are on fire right now so you can start out really slow and then as we've been doing for the last ten or fifteen seconds or so pick up your pace you feeling that Jeff oh yeah definitely feeling it good so again he's not flying around doing crazy stuff right here he's squeezing concentrating on every rep good job you got about ten seconds left dial it up quicken up the pace if you want to if not stay nice and controlled good Jeff five four three two one take your 15 seconds you earned it all right let's get ready for round four we're back to the top again cardio cross-country jog to Crescent lunge jump we're doing four and four and three two one so we're running it out it's nice and slow first then you want into Crescent and jumping alternating just like that nice easy pace in the beginning here that's it excellent work at home thanks again for joining us we're already starting to sweat here I know you're sweating at home too this is an awesome Saturday morning workout kinetic comm programming all week long to get you fit fast and keep you feeling good twenty more seconds to let's pick it up early here we go let's run it out and jump it out run it out and jump it out just do what you can do at home ten more seconds give it all you got got fifteen seconds rest coming up we're about halfway through our workout isn't that awesome three two one break whoo nice work buddy felt that again we're back to upper-body renegade row to kick back we're going to work our core in plank we're gonna work our back and we're gonna work out try you're going to pull it up and kick it back three two one good job so notice his legs are spread in the back his heel is driving to the back he's trying to keep his body parallel to the ground try not to rotate so you gets more stress on that core he's pulling that elbow straight up to work those lats and then he's keeping that elbow high kicking it back toward those tries if you're not ready for the dumbbells boom boom just do with your hand it's got 15 seconds left I'm gonna ask him to pick up the pace a little bit this is one of those moves you can't get too crazy with he's dripping sweat that means he's working multiple muscles at the same time three two one excellent work Jeff good job here we go back to plyometrics biometric squat hop the dumbbells dumbbell swing okay so for the end of hammer curls are going to be squatting and coming up with a hammer curl three two one squatting coming up into a hammer so now you're working your biceps while you're working your quads and your glutes and your calves and your shoulders and your getting your heart rate accelerated this is an awesome move to get it all done one shot here nice work so he's got a nice steady pace again part two you want to bang it out and pick it up you can go crazy here right we're going to pick that up in the last 15 seconds so stick with us because in five seconds I'm gonna ask you to pick it up ready three two one go so just a little bit more speed stay under control stay safe don't go crazy and fall over we don't want that we want you staying safe I having an effective workout to do the speed that works for you three two one rest whoo my arms are on fire my legs are on fire yeah at the same time lower body moves dumbbell overhead squat with the tricep extension so your arms are back you're going to squat down and come up and extend those arms go good so what's he doing here well we know he's working his legs with that squat he's working his shoulders hold those dumbbells over his head with that tricep extension at the top he sit in the back of those arms two three muscles all on the same moves most bang for your boxing is starting out at a nice controlled pace in about five seconds he's going to go a little faster a little deeper and you can join him at home if you want to pick it up Jeff good nice and deep he's trying to keep those elbows in with that tricep extension makes a little tougher good we're perfect knees are behind his toes and that squat three two one take a break from job all right here we go core move dumbbell Wood chop split so we do an interval left side and right side you'll see three two one down bring it up down extend it when you're up there get the most extension you can straighten those arms as much as you can twist that core and tighten it you're going to see how much that'll work the obliques you're going to feel in the shoulders the quads everything here five more seconds we're going to go to the other side same thing just switch it go to your right foot and extend to the left three two one here we go down extend it up if the weights too much for you through without the weight you'll see it still works you're still going to feel the burn ten more seconds to get a little bit more speed here we go burn it out for the last ten let's get that heart rate up let's get that sweat dripping off your body four three two one rest so we're ready for round five whew home stretch guys getting to the tail in that workout keep fighting through it cardio moon for blocks take your dumbbells like them else four blocks a kick to the right a kick to the left yo good he's locking Karate Kid style blocking good tickets go left good so when you kick lean away from your kick step that put in and it helps you get those shoulders down and that leg up a little higher good job chef good job if you don't want to use dumbbells for those blocks just use your arms squeeze him good job yeah last 15 seconds he's gonna pick up the pace just a little bit good job good job I promise you his arms are on fire with those blocks and his core is getting worked every time he kicks three two one perfect good job good job I'm coming for you Johnny all right ten seconds we're going to ten wide pushup pulses to a narrow hold so get down in plank four three two one pulse it out slow fast fast as you can and then we're going to go to with 10 of those and then we're gonna go to hold our hands in the center and hold that low chaturanga hold that low plank for 10 seconds I'm gonna make a hole little longer now if you need to drop your knees that's okay come back up let's pulse it out 10 times he's not going super fast here we're gonna get to that in the end and then after you've done 10 of these again hold that low line if you need to go to your knees it's okay hold it right here do the push-ups like this it's fine you ready for this to do 12 seconds bang it out let's go one two three four five six seven eight nine ten hold it just hold that out hold out we got five seconds four three two one awesome work whoo plyometrics my chest my triceps are on fire all right fly metric move ninety ten staggered hops ninety percent of the weight on your left foot ten percent on the back you're just gonna hop we're gonna switch halfway go so he's just doing a squat and a hop and most of that weight is coming down on his left foot okay halfway through we asked you to switch you're gonna move your right foot forward good job Jeff he's really gonna feel that on that left leg the right leg is really back there just as a kickstand for balance okay ready switch it up Jeff so 90 percent of the weight is now on his right foot he's coming down nice and gently in the last 10 seconds I'm gonna tell me a little bit more air we're gonna dial it up go dial it up dial it up 90 percent of the way on the front the back shuts for balance come on dig it dig three two one break good job all right good job going to lower body alternating curtsy lunge with a lateral raise so you're stepping back crossing curtsy raising up lateral alternating three two one left foot across now right foot across that's it it's a little bit of a balance move is going to make you think we're not only working your body today we're working your mind we're making you think about coordination and what it takes to get these moves done we're not just doing one move a lot of time jumping in place we're just doing a jumping jack or something like that a repetitive move we're repeating but we have complex moves to work multiple body parts multiple muscles at the same time this is only a 30-minute workout including the stretch and everything else maybe thirty four minutes so you got to get in get it done work as much as you can in the short amount of time five more seconds awesome work at home three two one rest good job back to that core move bridge in one arm raise you're going to be the bridge you can alternate reaching your hand back putting it down we can other hand back three two one this is kind of weird move what's that do well he's in a bridge so he's working that core he's on one arm so he's working the tricep of the hand that's balancing and every time he reaches back he's getting a nice stretch up that spine through his core through those obliques and he's pushing his pelvis to the sky working those ABS you really can't beat this move takes more coordination if you're not ready to reach just hold yourself in a bridge for a little while that's why I promise you you're still going to work your abs and your triceps 10 seconds left he's going to quicken it up a little bit not too crazy good job great reach just going to work on your flexibility as well two one take your break all right one more round great move for the shoulders there we go around here we go you ready for some cardio alternating suicide tap two forty and thirty three two one tapping down four times let's bring those knees in he's doing a left knee first back to the taps now we're going to the knee to the right side this time just like that so you're out in that street fight and guess what cuz it's gonna win you are you can hold that head it's over don't do that though let's run away it's better okay back and forth with the taps knee in this is MMA style training right a little bit of that do with the ring how would it be that's a good time to do it now out in the street okay ten more seconds here we go awesome work pick it up at home let's finish it out five four three two one great work Wow that'll get it done now upper body again give me one reverse fly one front raise four punches three two one so he's squeezing the back of the shoulders squeezing the front of those shoulders and he's working that entire shoulder with that punch three different moves in one move is going to get it done good every time he does that reverse fly he's squeezing right here every time he lifts those dumbbells up to his eyes right here nice and controlled he'll pick it up at the end pick your weight go light it first and as you get better and better at this go a little heavier with those weights a little faster your last 15 seconds just gonna pick it up a little bit she's squeezing that core with every punch making it an ab move not just a shoulder move great work come on when you got left at home three two one take your break all right on biometrics Burpee tuck jump he drew the short straw oh man so did you here we go ready let's do it together come on and do a burpee up tuck jump three two one let's go now if you need to step into that Burpee that's okay you're stepping back you're steppin up and give us a jump give us the most you can out of the jump you can only come to here that's okay maybe can only do one leg at a time if you're new to this but if you're fit and you want to get fitter skyhigh every single time 25 more seconds jump back into that plank up jump it up last 15 seconds let's add a push-up why not take a little more fun Saturday morning why not right ready here we go push up jump tuck jump push-up tuck jump tuck jump see you got five more seconds like this give it all you got cuz we're almost done with this workout three two one excellent whoo that wasn't fun but it's going to be effective lower body move squat to one-arm high reverse fly so you're going to reach across and squat and bring one arm up Jeff's just gonna do is righting arm first his left arm will be second good reach across so he's working those legs with that squat he's working that upper back with that reach up rear fly in about five seconds he's going to switch to that left hand good job nice and slow you don't need to go crazy with this move switch it up Jeff reach across good so he's keeping those knees behind those toes with every squat good pulling that arm back feeling that right here right here good job good job good job you've got five seconds left dig deep I only had a couple moves left to one break okay sit on the core this is it the last move we're going arms up with scissors so you're back laying down arms up touching those toes scissoring it out three two one here we go so keeping your legs as straight as you possibly can that's important flexing your feet in this way you can point them up makes a little bit easier but we want you to flex them in works that much harder and you're just touching as high as you can he's going right to the top of the shoelaces or right to the now he's right to the toe all you have to do if you can't reach up just bring your shoulders off the ground a little bit more that's going to work the upper part of the ABS while you're working all this down in here twenty more seconds ready see let's pick it up at the end here let's give a little speed little speed that's it great work at home thank you so much for joining us today on kinetic calm we're going to take you to a cool-down in five seconds bang it out 3 2 1 great workout great workout let's cool it down Stu one mega to it we may have shake it all out you guys worked hard that was about 30 minutes of non-stop work so let's cool it down shake out those hands check out those legs slow it down step back with that right foot give me a nice runners stretch put those hands down you wanna get down a little further you can get down your forearms and just dig in you're going to feel that your right hip flexor switch legs putting that right foot up left foot back either hands down or forearms like Jeff you should be nice and loose now I'm so much more flexible now after that workout than I was when we started bring that left foot up give me a nice deep squat use your elbows to push those knees out you can wiggle around a little bit maybe get a little creaking those hip joints that's good good slowly roll up slowly roll up put that left hand down reach that right hand up switch try to keep those legs straight bring it back down slowly roll up and that left arm across stretch out those shoulders good switch it up right arm pull it across we work those triceps today let's put that arms up left arm back work that left tricep stretch it out pull that elbow back switch it up pull that right elbow back excellent reach your arms up pull them down and up loosen up those shoulders down and up down and up me one more down and up to me a couple twists we want to thank you guys for joining us today you can find Jeff and I a trip design comm for a full 60 day programs of workouts like that you can find us every week along with a lot of other great instructors at kinetic comm where they're streaming you live fitness workouts every single week to your home do it keep tuning in and we'll see you guys next time thanks for joining us

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