Icelandic volcano erupts near Reykjavik – BBC News

well a volcano in southwest iceland has erupted releasing streams of lava from under the earth's surface it follows thousands of small earthquakes in the area over recent weeks the fissure erupted 30 kilometers from the capital reykjavik and is more than 500 meters long this is the first eruption in the area in centuries deny howard reports this is what icelanders have been waiting for for weeks now 40 kilometers south of the capital reykjavik lava began spewing from the ground on friday evening and a no-fly zone has been established in the area iceland sits between two tectonic plates so eruptions aren't uncommon but this is the first in field in 900 years normally there are around 1 000 tremors a year but there have been more than 50 000 in the last three weeks the highest number since digital recordings began in 1991. in 2010 the eruption of another volcano ejected a column of ash nine kilometers into the air that brought flights to a halt across europe iceland's meteorological office says the lava from this eruption will emerge more slowly and not create such disruption the small village of grinderwick is just a few kilometers away for weeks now they have been affected by near constant earthquakes and tremors warning of the upcoming eruptions shook well outside and when i came in with the luggage the kitchen island was on its side and various things had come out of the cupboards we thought we'd prepared police have told residents to close their windows and stay indoors due to the risk of gas pollution carried by the wind and after 900 years of volcanic inactivity people in the area have been flooding social media with photos and videos of this formidable site danai howard bbc news

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