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now an independent review of historic cases of sexual abuse in football has strongly criticized the sport's governing body the football association for failing to protect children after the allegations emerged the report which covers the period from 1970 to 2005 says there was no excuse for what it calls the fa's institutional failings our sports editor dan rowan has the story it's english football's worst scandal failures by both the fa and a host of clubs laid bare in a damning report on child sexual abuse there was an institutional failing by the fa they acted far too slowly in developing their child protection arrangements once they were aware of child protection being a problem within the sport and they should have done more to keep children safe accusing the fa of inexcusable failings sheldon said the governing body had delayed new safeguarding measures between 1995 and 2000 but there was no evidence it knew of a problem before then nor that there'd been a pedophile ring or cover-up this is a dark day but we are referring to non-recent cases we have to hold our hands up and apologize for the mistakes of the past make sure we don't repeat them but that's not to say that football is not in a safe environment today it is sheldon found the fa failed to ban two of the most notorious football pedophiles barry bonnell and bob higgins both former youth coaches now serving long sentences these were among the survivors present throughout bonnell's trial and sentencing in 2018.

Today one of them gary cliff abused by bonnell when he played for a manchester city junior team learned that sheldon found the club's then senior management failed to investigate despite being aware of concerns how does that make you feel a bit sort of vindicated but i don't think he's gone far enough throughout the whole report that i've read it there's a theme of people new or suspected but none of the officials had the gumption to raise it with anyone but so it's disappointing in that respect it's taken too long it's been it's been hell you could say i've waited 35 years for this it was the emergence four years ago of bernell's crimes when working here at crew in the 80s that opened the floodgates hundreds of former players coming forward with their own allegations sheldon cleared the club's former manager dario grady of any major wrongdoing but found that he should have done more to investigate concerns about bernal the scale of abuse identified by sheldon is staggering the investigation spanned four decades the reports saying there were known to be 240 suspects and 692 survivors and eight clubs were criticized today came apologies from southampton from newcastle united and here at manchester city whose own independent inquiry found that allegations about bernal were met with a wholly inadequate response by senior management who were worried about the club's reputation more than two decades ago another of bonnell's victims former youth player ian ackley became the first survivor to speak out we have no idea at the of how much this is going on where it's going on to what degree not just in football but in other sports and we need to be ever vigilant and we need to ask the right questions when we place our children in the care of these people sheldon said safeguarding could still improve football forced to confront a scandal that shamed the sport and told to ensure there's never a repeat dan rowan bbc news you

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