Families say disabled and elderly have been denied life-saving care during Covid pandemic – BBC News

now england's uh care regulator the care quality commission in a report to be published tomorrow is expected to raise serious concerns about the use of do not resuscitate orders during the pandemic families and charities say that the orders which can deny people potentially life-saving care have been wrongly placed on elderly and disabled people over the past year at unprecedented rates our social affairs correspondent michael buchanan has been hearing the experiences of one family she was just she was just lovely in every sense sonja deleon sewn to her family was defined by much more than her schizophrenia and learning disabilities simon had an absolute zest for life loved being with her family you know always smiling always laughing has got the moves when the 58 year old went to hospital last april her lifelong conditions influenced her care initially admitted with a fever and respiratory problems she tested positive for covid and a do not resuscitate order was placed in her medical notes we'd had no consultation at no point at no point were we told that that had taken place we would have disputed that and we would have said we don't want that in place sonya's records contain two do not resuscitate orders one sides are learning disabilities as a justification for it breaching nhs guidelines the hospital said an error was made filling the form absolutely i felt like sam was totally written off she was dehumanized and you know her life wasn't of value i just thought it was just morally and ethically reprehensible it just shocked me to the court sonia dillian was in and out of south end university hospital throughout april she died at the end of the month from a heart attack the hospital said a second do not resuscitate order was appropriate and was discussed with two family members sally rose and her 85 year old mother i can't describe the love that my mum has for science my mum's been waiting to hear your voice there is no way that she would agree to that being put in place absolutely no way at all the pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of people with learning disabilities that up to six times more likely to die from the virus and charities have repeatedly highlighted the alleged misuse of dnr orders we see kind of boxes ticked we see maybe when a conversation hasn't happened but a box has been ticked we see issues like learning disability or non-verbal as a reason for a do not resuscitate order that that's discrimination an external review of sonia deleon's hospital care found it fell short of expected good practice a conclusion her family had long reached you know everyone was like not so yeah i can't tell you how much you know we miss her michael buchanan bbc news essex

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