Eight dead in US spa shootings – BBC News

a man's been arrested after eight people were shot dead in the u.s city of atlanta six of them are understood to have been asian women the shootings happened at two spas and a massage parlor in the city and police are trying to determine if all those killings are connected as mark lobel reports authorities in cherokee county were called to young's asian massage there they found five people with gunshot wounds two were pronounced dead at the scene the other three were transported to hospital where two died the deceased were two women of asian descent a white woman and a white man according to the local sheriff's department the surviving victim is a hispanic man his niece spoke to reporters and how are they how is his wife feeling um she's completely devastated she's um telling all the family to pray for him because we know we know he will be okay but we just around an hour later police in atlanta responded to a reported robbery at the gold massage beauty spa on piedmont road and found three people dead while there police received another call of shots fired directly across the street at the aroma therapy spa where they found one person dead according to atlanta's police chief the four victims there were female and asian we just heard numerous gunshots coming from across the street they weren't letting us out so from what we hear there's like five girls shot um the valet is saying that they had a whole bunch of um no offense but a whole bunch of asian girls kind of standing outside and lying beautiful women and i'm just like what exactly is going on here this suspect was taken into custody following a police chase around three and a half hours after the killings the authorities are working on the assumption the three shootings are connected the suspect was identified as robert aaron long 21 years old lives unincorporated cherokee county he is currently in custody in crisp county we've been communicating with them my understanding they did a pit maneuver on him and took him into custody as far as i know without incident in response to the shootings in atlanta police patrols have been increased around similar businesses the fbi says it's assisting as authorities seek to ascertain the motive behind the shootings mark globel bbc news

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