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hello, how are you friends from hosting is tv, we are here in the center of the city in the sport club gym as you can see this gym is incredible we have all machines have incredible trainers and then I will show children cinemas tv brings you exercises that you can do from your home then I don't want them to die from their screens because what I'm going to show this incredible, don't move, I'm Carolina de la Torre Let's start hello, how are you, Joaquín's friends? we are here with our instructor who will help us with the routine of exercises from home we are here to the north of the city in the sport gym gym club is super nice we have all kinds of machines all Good cardio class from the sea, tell me how is this gym? offer of course that if he looks I'll tell you that he is there greeting all the audience this gym is one of the most complete we found something arca semi-olympic pool we have a soccer field we have a wall to climb we have professional skating rinks and obviously we have an excellent gym which is fully equipped we have enough equipment cardiovascular and free weight integrated weight good from the sea if I want to come skating and I don't have skates or I don't know the gym, how can you help me? do not worry it is a base of having all the desire all the attitude here the The gym provides you with the skates and the instructor also provides you with so that from the beginning you know how you should skate then it is professional skating or if I want to go to the bike path on a good Sunday They also teach me for everything but of course the artistic as what it consists of well here the artistic is and they teach them to do various activities are not acrobatic dance figures so this one is too interesting but the most important thing is that they said to skate in general and if not dinner and I want to come to the pool well here it is clear how wonderful then if you They want to learn to swim to skate, what better do they teach us here all that way? we have skates that we have to bring the desire to learn what else can we offer good apart from all the activities that I mention we have group classes what are these group spinning classes we have yoga pilates the trx join the trx trx is a very activity recent now and very fashionable and very good are functional exercises that are perform by means of banias all the effort is with the body weight of how are the bands from the ceiling towards the ground with some grips then they are made various various exercises with which we work the whole body all that it does not serve for muscle mass to mark us so that it does not serve exactly the trx and as I mentioned it is a functional exercise they are functional axes that will help you for muscle tone and definition, do not forget then that the trx it's for muscle definition if you don't look at all this for god's sake just like this man of steel has a statuesque body and they told me that participate in mexico – right now we already have a preparation months ago in which we are in full preparation for an event already very known who is the Mister Mexico hope we can do a good role We are going to count the attitude and against the desire I say then no forget that the sport club gym in the north of the city has skating area if you don't know how to skate they teach you with swimming if you don't know how to swim they also teach you to instructors of all soccer fields you are not for adults or children well it's a soccer field it is for adult children and people of the third not important only that come and have fun that you like football and here you will find good rx caught my attention you will not have to give a class appointment of those because it is like that I did not know him with the yoga co who are my favorites.

I love doing yoga and I count the zumba people have never done either They are Latin rhythms that will also help you, it is a very very cardiovascular very interesting because you move your whole body the body what else can you ask for well then I hope and visit us in this gym is so wonderful are all the machines all the equipment we have everything there wonderful instructors as you can see and good for today what routine do you bring us to start working from home good for the day of Today we are going to pamper the housewives that I sometimes say because of their activities that they are too heavy they don't have enough time to be able to continue to the gym we are going to put a little shoulder on them a little of biceps and a little bit of triceps of course and all exercises have to being too simple to be done at home is the train upper from the waist up and the lower from the waist down that we are also not going to neglect it, we are going to work quadriceps It is recommended if we are from home to work both parts of the body or it is better to work one day and the next day you can't work the other the two parts without any problem is that I wake up very ground I do not I can lift is better one or not just nexter as in moderation do not exaggerate it either in the weights or in the exercise in terms of time recommended to do the exercise of how long is it daily from my friends and my watching friends who are from their homes for time recommended is 35 40 minutes we do not need more cardio then now they know if we are going to walk we have to go out for a walk It is advisable to exercise or do cardio 30 minutes a day because this is great past for health for all most fear stay in the diet of course that food is 80 percent of this we must from now on as that saying says you are what you eat if you eat quality you will have a quality body well, let's pay attention to this, try to eat 5 or 6 times a day not for that one is going to get fat on the contrary we are going to do three times a day every certain time it is recommended at least every three hours to be eating something in small quantities and should be in three small portions well friends no longer move let's go to a cut and well here we bring you the wonder of fitness don't move hello how are you friends of hotz and esteve and I want to send a greeting to our viewers from guadalajara de monterrey de tijuana from all over the republic of mexico that are watching us at this time the usa a little kiss for our Puerto Rico viewers look they're watching us everywhere As sometimes I come from Puerto Rico, I would be a big hug, good to you My little friend from the sea, then tell us, find the exercise routine that is what we are going to work on today of course look let's start with a little cardio you know the position is always very important especially to avoid injuries and then well I'll give you a little bisector shoulder cardio and stretching are very important for injuries so that they do not They serve of course that they are good to avoid any type of tear the influence of one tear the other that you told us any injury may be may be is 15 so to avoid all that kind of that kind of injuries we will try to warm up perfectly the same if they are going to go to the bicycle lane to ride a bicycle if they are going to play soccer whatever is not important stretching stretching is important too after exercising acts and stretching is extremely important before and at the end because for example if you are not getting used to the exercise then I'm going to exercise and the other newspaper I'm going to be able to get you up imagine the pain of the weight of a long time ago not to do then it is recommended at the end of the exercise stretching not clear that elasticity so that elasticity is not lost and for the need of the body that also it's super important so we're going to do 35 minutes we are going to give him the part of the sea Upper 3 we are going to work the upper body do not forget that the upper 3 from the waist up lower at the waist down clear then you are going to program me the healthy route we started there it is, we will always try to keep our back straight and there it is perfect and always the knees that are not fully stretched there semi-flexed perfect never any exercise we must fully allocate the knees because they already know the lynxes come the tears then always all semi-flexed clear and start giving you have to give you have to give you have to raise that body temperature tell us about the exercise diet that you recommend to eat In the social nights that you recommend to me that I want to be thinner that I do not want to gain weight because now it is always well recommended try to eat as lightly as possible nothing and especially more at night since the metabolism costs much more work to be able to process all the food so let's try to make it something light already they can be long protein chains and cut from carbon although this is Panela cheese sandwich with turkey breast is the most practical because it is too rich and the egg whites you were telling me of course we can put an omelette of egg whites only the pure white since the yolk it is what carries cholesterol so we are going to try to take care of the diet then do not forget that you can have the exercise routine is also very It is important to have a very balanced and very healthy diet then example in the morning we can have egg whites with ham for breakfast, cited with ham turkey true turkey ham a natural juice you know that green tea it is a very good contribution that helps you acts as a diuretic is an antioxidant for cleanse all toxins then green tea and well this one comes in sachets in the super so this is taken cold well we can get up take them point green in brown version exactly and when we go to bed also this you already know in a Breakfast can be egg whites with ham or a turkey ham sandwich from turkey breast the turkey breast in the food that you recommend is it is advisable to eat every three hours it is not high the idea is to eat three meals good breakfast lunch and dinner and put two snacks between them the collation can range from a fruit to jelly from popcorn the popcorn is good and they did not know that seriously many that the tub having it in water will help you too much especially for that feeling to be looking ok when I go to the gym I see many milkshakes milkshakes are recommended for what kind of people we can all consume this type of malt are are nutritional supplements and anyone can consume but always and when you know what your goal is no see how much percentage of carbohydrate protein that you have and based on good to see if you can consume it or if it is viable for you or not ok For example, if I wanted to have dinner in green, have a light milkshake unfortunate we are suffering a food so that's why there are supplements supplements and supplements then if you find it very heavy to get up make you clear we can replace it with a good milkshake is much easier we put its mass milk milk preference in water in water or milk milk then it is much easier from their homes and we have to go to the office at I work at the blender we put our hand with water but it supplies a community of our day I'm starting to sweat nothing more than look good and how are we going to work the upper body let's go to work or youtube to start are for me they already had me notice for their fairies with that because imagine I the only thing you want so that I can mean both shoulders too much over all so that they can doing at home is not too laborious so they are too practical good as far as film contests that I know are being developing in the gym more like part of the gym only us we are representing sport club so we hope to do a good job in the Mexican Mexican minister and that I know what it consists of It is a more important event here is who here in Mexico I'm going to try to enter the category of 80 kilos 80 kilos your routine because well, I see you rather I don't know what else you can do but your daily routine of how good is it friends, we are going to cut it, we wait for you do not move and we are coming i hello maybe dear friends my viewers of joaquín estevez we continue here in our set of exercises from home here in the gym sport club in the north of the city where we are located exactly for that our viewer friends come to visit us we are here on the cover from zaragoza atizapán de saná with his side until we are and well, right now let's start with a little exercise for my god now I'm going to sweat how scary imagine with this man he looks coach then after the 35 minutes that you put me on cardio now that of course these 35 minutes of cardio were only warm-up for what awaits you right now preheating do not forget that these secrets are going to be almost the too homemade for you to do at home but too effective are too effective because I'm going to put the sample How much do these forces weigh and that weight is recommended for me Of course, if that is too light a weight, it has been like two kilos and something well if we do the activity in the house well we try to grab two cans two cans that we can find perfectly there in the cupboard and ok let's go with the first exercise that is going to be to work a shoulder here we are working shoulder and we are doing lateral elevation we work the shoulder head e perfectly movement is this part here and the part here my god look at that body if you happen to me in the cref or not to me but to my friends watching you have to take advantage of this great body that exercises let's start high we go up to the height of your shoulders there it's perfect we go down we go up there you can see how we work to have the one on the shoulder breathing is very important we inhale we get the air out well we don't start to shake and exhaust how good what good now we turn we throw our arms and we go up we are going to work a little bit of bike backwards there we go up perfect who is coming has impressive arms, I would also like to mark them as yours as well as a little bit of strength It is important to work in series, we are going to handle four series, it can be 12 to 15 repetitions there we are working two isolated exercises one is for the lateral part of the shoulder and this one that he is doing right now is for the biceps sad favorite I'm going to give you one we're going to lean slightly towards ahead in this position, back straight and back with both hands perfect that comes there next I was the job and so that they see you and so that the public can see perfectly how you work the sad there it is are completely simple exercises that we can do from home or anywhere next that work today for you we will be able to lift that was a little upper body now come on in the lower part we are going to do a little push to work the gluteus and quadris let's throw one foot forward and one behind let's go down softly how many repetitions are recommended for this exercise together well here it is recommended 15 repetitions of each leg my god demand death to my house balance is important and we are going to keep the balance so as not to be dancing with the weight is much more exactly let's say leg and there fine fine all the way down perfect has to be smooth movement a smooth movement to hurt perfect there it is that's the right move of course we are going to work a little back we're going to lean forward slightly behind and beyond now we are going to raise the arms in such a way making an exact row there perfect we are working all the internal part of the back you feel the work Come on, you can, let's try work all the inner back equally all the secrets that we do have to be four sets of 12 to 15 repetitions I feel a lot of attention on the back of my legs this is going to have for the legs for the opposition the specific exercise to work the peace Well, these are just to show me what we can do from home with the vegetable data afternoon of what you have at home good friends do not move and this is hosting this time a little kiss and

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