Top UK scientists warn of new Covid surge if lockdown eased too quickly – BBC News

two of the government's top scientists have warned of the dangers of lifting coronavirus restrictions too quickly saying that the situation could turn very bad very quickly if lockdown is eased too fast professor chris whittie told mps that all the modelling suggests there is going to be a further surge in infections in the late summer or autumn and many vulnerable people still are not protected our health editor hugh pim has more details the vaccination program rolls on people in derby queuing and happy to get their jabs 55 to 59 year olds in england now getting their invitations it's a relief because i thought i'd have to wait quite a while but i was i got the letter yesterday and i'm booked in today which is quite good i've been waiting quite a long time yeah but yeah the sooner the better for me government advisors say the vaccination plan is going very well but they warn that while people will get some protection against serious illness the virus won't go away in fact it'll probably spread faster as lockdown is eased all the modelling suggests there is going to be a further surge and that will find the people who either have not been vaccinated or where the vaccine has not worked and some of them will end up in hospital and sadly some of them will go on to die and that is that's just the reality schools in england have opened up this week but this primary in norwich there was even a mini circus to welcome children back and reassure them officials say they need up to five weeks to see how the reopening affects the spread of the virus parents meet people who perhaps weren't going into work some of them may go into work as a result so it changes a number of things all of which may have pressure on on transmission lockdown easing in england continues provisionally from march the 29th with some outdoor meetings and sports allowed from april the 12th non-essential retail outdoor hospitality and some leisure facilities are set to reopen from may the 17th some indoor meetings and hospitality will be allowed and june the 21st will be the earliest possible date for a full reopening the government advisors say it can't go any quicker what the government has been told over and again is take this study and what we don't want to do is accelerate into trouble and then have to reverse straight back out again open things up and immediately close them down from friday in scotland up to four people will be able to meet outdoors and some adult sports will resume the first minister said they were heading in the right direction but it was too soon to take a foot off the break if we continue to prioritize children's education as i believe we should and indeed must our scope to make further changes will be limited while we are still rolling out the vaccine case numbers may be falling but are still relatively high the message from ministers and officials around the uk is that the grounds for hope must be balanced by caution hugh pim bbc news

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