Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe freed in Iran but may face new charges – BBC News

ratcliffe who was detained and jailed in iran nearly five years ago has had her house arrest lifted as her sentence came to an end today raising hopes that she may be a step closer to returning to britain but shortly after her ankle tag was removed she was told of a court summons on a separate charge next week her husband richard says she remains in harm's way our correspondent caroline hawley reports a rare glimpse into what's keeping this family together when they're forced to be thousands of miles apart i'll just show you it's still quite a messy house for six-year-old gabriela an image on a mobile phone can't replace the touch of her mother she's been counting down the days to the end of her mum's sentence now the ankle tag nazanin's had to wear since she was released from jail last year has been taken off nazineen said she was ecstatic and went straight to visit her elderly grandmother but in a week she faces a new court case on another secret charge so by the time i was speaking to jasmine the phone was going mad oh is she out she out is she out um and and yes she is you know technically the first court case is finished at the same time the second court case simultaneously has been invoked so the front office were really pleased that they'd got the ankle head off when there was some progress um and they clearly had issued a very formal note this morning saying listen you've got to release that so the arrangements have done that and at the same time they've kept you as leverage going forward um and i find my emotional reactions be quite guarded about what this means and we're still in the middle of it and we're still in the middle of this this game of chess she was at tehran airport preparing to fly home from a holiday visiting her parents when she was arrested in 2016.

Since then she suffered months of solitary confinement blindfolded interrogations and several false promises of release nazineen's been told by iranian officials that she's been held as collateral for debt owed by britain dating back to the 1970s calls are now growing for the government here to take a stronger stand against iran's hostage diplomacy it's clearly another trump turn-up charge because hardliners in the regime are saying uh we've you know we paid the diplomatic price for holding nasal in now let's not lose the leverage of keeping her and it is totally and utterly inhumane because at the center of this is an innocent woman her husband and her daughter and they are just forgetting that in all these grand power games there are ordinary people who are paying a most terrible price what's the first thing you're going to do with mummy when she comes back first thing you're going to do together but now their hopes have been dashed yet again their mps called it mental torture for how much longer will they have to go through this agony of separation only when she's safely on a flight back to the uk will they know their ordeal is finally over [Music] and caroline hall is here in the studio now how likely is it caroline that this does lead in time to her return to britain look that is an impossible question we don't know what will happen next week she still doesn't have her british passport back the new court case could be used to block her release richard has told me that the iranians see nazanin as an asset and that they're essentially making this up as they go along the debt that the uk owes to iran for tanks that were never delivered to iran after the islamic revolution that is still outstanding the uk acknowledges it owes the debt but can't be pay it back because of sanctions so you've got these very complicated geopolitics and then a family caught in the middle of all of this and it's been this horrific emotional rollercoaster for them and all of that in a way collapsed into just today the ups and the downs the joy of nazanin's release the idea that now she can go out and have a cup of coffee a simple pleasure and then this threat of a new court case next week caroline hawley thank you

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