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skill or primary school is in a village near hull in East Yorkshire five years ago it was in trouble after being placed in special measures today skur law is an award-winning school this program looks at how head teacher Barbara hog of turned the school around and she did it by making physical social and health education central to the curriculum she insisted that healthy eating and fitness become a part of the children's daily lives hi Jared generally the first the new millennium my first headship and lots to be done the building needed lots of refurbishments lots of changes for the curriculum teaching and so on and we were up and running within three weeks the children were very lively very friendly it's also some of the behavior was not acceptable so we had to improve the playtime the bullying we has put an anti-bullying policy in place and we had to be quite strict above uniform over jewelry & P sessions and things like that and its own paid off I just wanted a broad balanced curriculum for all our children so that every child was in individually valued and cared for hi Barbara holiday nice to see you Barbara the school's been supported by the National Healthy Schools scheme it's Regional Coordinator health skill or become the first in the area to achieve award status instead of just pursuing the the national priorities here of attainment what the skill have concentrated on is a whole child they've looked at the individual child's development the looked at the health of the child the law of the Chow self-esteem their emotional health and their development in order that the child is enthusiastic is well motivated high levels of self sustained these children want to come to school they enjoy coming to school because it's such a wonderful environment the new head decided that citizenship and PSHE should be part of almost everything the school did from assembly to lessons in the classroom and in the playground psht impacts on the whole curriculum it's one of the areas that we focus on in all teaching in every week every year every class has at least an hour at key stage 2 half an early stage one but there's other extract cities like fruit time circle time that build into all the work that we do with psh CA so we cover lots of areas in other lessons citizenship comes in through so many areas of the curriculum through the school council through their history through event for raising funds and supporting charity events through taking part in daily assemblies and class assemblies every child is included in every activity because PSAC isn't just a health education it's the whole child it's the whole individual pshe can be fun but even at nursery the staff are keen to encourage the right kind of behavior even if the children don't quite real as it's happening quickly one of our objectives in the early learning goals is to be able to take turns and share fairly when we put our equipment out on the nursery playground we only put a certain amount of equipment out which so that they don't have something each they have to share the different objects and different vehicles in the session so that they learn not to keep things to themselves and that someone else can use them and has to use them Barbara's introduced a novel approach to play time that's been so successful it's now been replicated in other schools playtime happens twice a day at our school we really feel it's valuable to have two sessions as well as a lunchtime play play sessions are highly structured sports equipment is shared out and the children organize their own games with little of the aimless charging around which characterizes some playgrounds there used to be a mild bullying problem but in the past four years the school hasn't recorded a single serious incident of verbal physical or racial bullying the children need to let off steam having concentrated so well in lessons and have fun fun is a very important part of it and to this end we've got lots of equipment like a huge connect four game that children take out and play in pairs we have a huge drafts board play fainted on our playground we have an adventure playground which were built in two stages with the first part was just a set of ladders and bounces and so on tires the second part was a huge light and many people are surprised that we do have a slime because they're worried about the health and safety of it we've never had an accent on our slide so far play areas are absolutely superb for the children babbling a staff and the parents of work very hard indeed in raising an awful lot of money and so wonderful play areas outside we know about current levels of obesity of fitness levels have been falling within our to our children that needs correcting what we must do now is to focus much more on those fundamentals of children been happy been healthy in school once we've achieved that they will become far better learners I wanted them to socialize not just with their classmates but with other year gropes I wanted them to feel confident enough to Gus go make new friends every day it's very rare that children come up to us and say have no one to play with whereas at other schools children have said all there's no one will play with me but here that doesn't happen there's always somebody that will come along and say come and join in with us because the children are so active at playtime there's no there's very few squabble is very few arguments so when they come back into school they go Carly into lessons they settle straight down they've got rid of all their energy they focus on the lessons and they learn they really do settle down they concentrate and then the next plane set play time they know there's an opportunity so lets off steam and they do so healthy eating is also an important part of the school ethos the school prepares its own meals on site and children are encouraged to take the healthy option we give fruit are three to seven year olds but also we offer to give the opportunity to have a hot healthy lunch each day cooked on the premises so by very friendly staff in cass kitchen each day there are two vegetable choices and there is a salad children don't get chips every day it's rare that they get chips just once or twice a week but they give them pasta roast potatoes mashed potatoes rice and so on so how made bread inch day as well so the children are given every chance to eat healthily we also have a healthy part lunch we regularly my children have a car and each day we start their card if we think they've had a healthy lunch the scores approach to healthy eating is popular with parents once children get used to eating fruits and vegetables at school they're much more likely to eat them at home my daughter's 10 years old since she's been at school I do always put a little bit of vegetable on a plate but she's never really been keen to eat it but I have noticed in the last few months that she's a lot keener to eat vegetables and I lot keener to eat more vegetables she's always eaten a little bit that I've put on a plate but now she'll say oh character lovely character broccoli and she will eat it we have no sweets children do not bring sweets onto the site so of course we don't have a little problem anymore because Pat lunch waste goes back into the pot lunches and the parents can see exactly how much they've eaten for their lunch the children also bring water bottles the in the nursery will provide the water for the children and they go and access that whenever they wish we don't allow fizzy drinks and sweet drinks around school they can have a drink with their power lunch what we encourage them to bring juices skill is also part of the National Fruit scheme where every child under the age of 7 receives a free piece of fruit every day what would you hang a banana we found that children when they first start nursery don't necessarily eat fruit they're not used to having it we encourage our children to have all the fruits to try new things and so when they come through to school they carry on having fro and there's just no choice in it they just have the fruit they take it as a normal thing children learn to peel their own fruit and they also get a taste for healthy snacks nice my favorite food is bananas because because it's my son sleep my favorite fruit is strawberries and I do not lay in a star because because I grew up a sloppy plant every year since my daughter Katie started this girl she's taking a lot more interesting eating some fruits and I've struggled quite a lot at home to introduce her to fruit and vegetables and normally likes job children I like I guess she started eating more fruits at home she's asking for it to go into a pack up lunch hmm whilst the school's been successful in promoting healthy eating at playtime and at dinnertime the message is now being reinforced in the classroom through lessons on diet and nutrition those people using HSN favorite fruit orange fruit waste is also made into compost which means that the children are also learning about the importance of recycling when you put fruit in the compost then it rots into soil and you put it on the floor and then you plant plants in it psht a is in everything we do it's not a separate subject for example circle time comes into every lesson we take that opportunity to give children to socialize health education comes in whenever that we blind them what for having lunch bringing their pie co washing their hands after they've been to the toilet and when they're eating their fruit when we're recycling things when we're recycling paper that's health education it takes power all of every day physical education is an important part of daily life at the school the deputy head takes a particularly keen interest in PE we are promoting the Healthy Schools so obviously we do want the children to be very aware of fitness very aware of their bodies and how they use their bodies and the safety aspects of doing gymnastics and so on we also want them just to enjoy sport the end of the day we want them to come out and have lots of fun and enjoy the games that they play each child actually does have two hours of sport a week that can involve games Jim dance as much variety within that as possible football rugby the Athletics we also go to local swimming baths we do lots of after-school clubs dance and football we enter as many tourneys as possible we make many links with lots of local schools any sport that is going at that term we do let the children enter into all the events the children loved it the enthusiasms there they're always smiling they're always enjoying themselves I'm very proud of them as well whenever we take them outside of school and they are playing in a tournament it's a social side being with their friend was meeting all the children from different schools it's about being very well-rounded person enjoyment factor is huge it's about coming out and achieving here at scalar what Barbara's done she's managed to keep a holistic view and a balanced view of the curriculum paying attention to children's emotional health and well-being promoting their self-esteem making good provision for the psht within the curriculum so when you put all of that together what we have is a very successful recipe for the ongoing success of scalars feel and also reflecting where they have come from from special measures several years ago to be mentioned in the chief Ofsted officers report as an outstanding skills

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