Harry and Meghan Oprah interview ‘won’t be an easy ride’ – BBC News

oh i would say anybody who thinks oprah is going to be easy is underestimating her i'm looking forward to it from a personal and a professional vantage point i want to see how oprah does it i want to see how they react i want to see what she elicits from them my show brings you the latest news and top news makers any thought about running for president in france ready oprah winfrey is possibly one of the best interviewers in the world right now she was a news person before she became you know a celebrity and when she interviewed me the first time was back in 2005 and it was on a really serious issue on child sex slaves and child trafficking and she was incredibly not just empathetic but massively knowledgeable she has had the kind of real world experience that she talks to people about she has she knows what it's like to suffer sexual abuse she knows what it's like to have uh been overweight she knows what it's like to have to have struggled as a black woman in the united states to get to the top not just of her industry but of of the whole pyramid i mean she is a powerhouse available behind him let's just take a little peek and there we have the shine retiring oprah winfrey and what a hat she's got they you know they decided to take the person who they felt was that who they felt they were going to be most comfortable with but also who they knew would not just give them an easy ride because who does that serve it doesn't serve them i think that people in the united states will be very very interested because it'll be yet another look at the royal family from a different angle and one perhaps that's not just the british angle i want to see where it lands in this brutal take no prisoners world of social media and instant um judgment and uh i think that it is going to be interesting you

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