Day 0(zero) FITNESS TEST at Home for all our Programs

Friends today we start on the first day We'll check first Goal Our colleague The coach's phrase. What is the goal of the coach? The goal is to lose weight What is your weight now Currently 95 kg Then from the BMI enumeration You just calculated your BMI There is a score of 33 For men, the arithmetic BMI between 18 to 25 If they are 30 and over, including obesity Well I am listing obesity, passion, and enthusiasm Before we start We have already filled PAR_Q Of 7 questions, is that okay? everything is OK Yes it is good, for example there Browse PARQ contents until there is a different answer Do not continue to exercise If someone answered yes Consult your doctor immediately first If there is a problem. We don't want you to try a thing Not good or injured Okay, so now we'll take the appropriate test 5 test To see how it fits your body The first is Heart test to see how strong your heart is We will do a heart motion for 10 minutes It can be divided into 3 movements, 3.5 min jump jack, 3.5 min Jumping rope, and ran 3,5 mint Run in place What is the function of this test? So we know how powerful it is The power of your heart Well ready, do 3.5 minutes Bouncy Jack Start Okay 3.5 minutes Jump rope Jogging 3.5 minutes Enough For friends at home Do this movement, if you are 5 minutes powerful, immediately notice how strong you are Do the movement for this reason Later for the next test move You will know the progress of the strength of your heart After that we test the strength of our bodies, Our muscles, push ups for 1 minute We calculate how strong is The strength of your muscles Can start? One minute lift as much as you can Stop for women Do pushups with knee support For 1 minute So we know your fitness level For the next strength test we're going to do Strength test to test the lower body It was pushing up the body Perform squad moves For 1 minute Yes, start Well face up there, it moves like this One minute band slowly Notice how much you can So we know how strong your lower body is For the next test we will do it Core test, abdominal muscle strength And lower back Do a 2-minute PLANK move Plank movements with elbow support Yes, start, two-minute notes Until any time you are a strong movement of the ball The standard is 2 minutes to PLANK traffic Flat body After that we will test About your balance, the balance of your body We are placing the star Like this, one minute to support the foot and the left foot One minute of rest with the right foot Yes, start Movements like this 1 minute change of leg position Left and right foot For this movement try not to fall off If you fell, it means the strength of your balance to this extent And see how strong you are again Balance your body the last test Flexibility test, how to touch the knee Heels and Your foot.

Whenever you touch your shoes or the soles of your feet It means your flexibility is good Movements like this start from Touch the knee, then to the heel Then to Toe or shoe Then to the sole of the foot If you can't afford it Touch the soles of your feet as much as possible Later we will train you to increase your flexibility .

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