The mission to restore an Australian wetland – BBC News

there's this platypus trying to find its way upstream that is amazing [Music] there are moments that stand out they reinvigorate you they remind you why we do what we do [Music] several years ago we began working with people in this neighborhood which is in western victoria and we had two private landowners farmers who who own the southern part of that wetland who were really keen to see it fixed which was fantastic and so things really snowballed from there [Music] walker swamp was converted to plantation after having been artificially drained and farmed for 150 [Music] years [Music] it's a landscape now transformed as you can see and so there's been a number of things we've had to do to bring that about blue gums even though they're australian they're from tasmania they're not native to this area so we had to remove them from from the ecosystem [Music] the effect of artificial drainage had been to prevent water staying what we've done by back filling the drains is that when those flows arrive the water doesn't just bypass the wetlands or drain straight through them it actually stays there were residual populations hanging on just downstream in the river of various species there were residual patches of wetland plants out here hanging on all their seed was in the soil and they're all doing really well here now even though the restoration process is only just beginning wetlands are very forgiving we've been able to catch this area even though it's had such a long period of modification and turn the clock back for me this is a message of hope in the face of otherwise a steady stream of bad environmental news the drying climate is not a reason not to restore wetlands if anything it's the reverse it means that when we do get flows we're able to actually retain and hold more water in the systems you know we actually have an ability to build some more resilience into our waterways [Music] places like this is so important for inspiring people and for showing them exactly what's possible and wetland loss is a global issue but it can be turned around you

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