Thousands in Myanmar pay respects to teenager shot dead during military coup – BBC News

in myanmar thousands of people have lined the streets for the funeral of a young woman shot during protests against the recent military coup miya tuitwei kain died on friday today there were more mass protests against the generals after the military overthrew the elected government earlier this month here's our southeast asia correspondent jonathan head this was the funeral of an ordinary young woman transformed into a show of political defiance for these extraordinary times miatwe twitchin was one of countless thousands in myanmar who came out to challenge the military's seizure of power [Applause] and she was the first to lose her life in its heavy-handed response to the protests [Applause] scenes of grief which must inflame public fury against the military hunter that reminds them too of the cost of resisting it [Applause] they had two more martyrs to mourn today one a teenage boy both were struck by live rounds fired by the police in the city of mandalay we started this because we don't want a military dictatorship said this woman and we'll fight to the end to make sure these lives weren't wasted the plan now is to escalate this two-week-old protest movement into a nationwide general strike which will the government but must inevitably hurt ordinary people too in an economy already shattered by the coveted pandemic they dream of international intervention to help their cause this rally is outside the u.s embassy still a symbol of hope but a fading one in a world which won't or can't act against generals who won't listen jonathan head bbc news bangkok

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