Arthritis drug may cut Covid hospital deaths by half – BBC News

a drug that is normally given to people with arthritis could help covert patients a major trial shows that when tossing izumab is combined with the steroid dextermethasone it can cut by up to half the number of people number of cova patients dying in hospital as our medical editor fergus walsh reports the trials were carried out here in the uk searching among existing medicines for any that can treat kovid has been a huge task first there was dexamethasone now there's toscilisimab together they can dramatically improve survival for patients on oxygen compared with a year ago when we really did not know how to treat this disease we now have two treatments they both act on the immune system dexamethasone and tosalisimab put them together and we reduce the risk of death by a third or even as much as a half in the sickest patients that's great news dexamethasone a steroid costs just five pounds whereas the arthritis drug toss elizimab at least 500 pounds per patient but that's still far less than the 2000 pounds a day cost of being in icu this therapy looks like it keeps people out of the intensive care unit so they never need to meet people like me which can only be a good thing so as well as improving survival it actually will decrease the number of people who need to come to intensive care which is fabulous there's understandably a huge focus on preventing coronavirus and vaccines but for those with covid it is treatments like dexamethasone and tosalisimab which will save lives now i may need the research so i just signed up for them lawrence spent several days in intensive care at aden brooks hospital in cambridge but now has his bags packed ready to go home he's one of tens of thousands of coved patients taking part in nhs trials if nobody's willing to try and you're back to square one again aren't you nobody's gonna do any no do anything last month nhs hospitals treated more than a hundred thousand coved patients that's around one in three of all those admitted since the pandemic began covid remains a brutal disease but the chances of surviving it are improving fergus walsh bbc news

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