Youngest Manchester Arena victim Saffie Roussos “could have survived” says family – BBC News

it's being claimed the youngest victim of the manchester arena attack could have survived if she'd received better first aid safie russos who was eight died in the bombing in may 2017 and now experts appointed by her family to investigate what happened have found she was awake and talking for some time after the explosion our north of england correspondent judith moritz has been speaking exclusively to sapphi's father andrew and a warning her report contains distressing details she could have been saved how do we carry on living with this information how can we carry on breathing with this information i can't look at safie's picture since i've read this report i can't look at her when safie russos was killed at manchester arena her parents took comfort believing she died instantly and suffered no pain now experts appointed by the family's lawyers have found that the little girl lived for more than an hour and might have survived if her leg injuries had been treated properly nobody from the first aiders applied pressure or assessed her properly or splintered the legs or tornique the legs to stop the bleeding medically trained people with it and she was asking for help and she knew what was happening and she bled to death put bluntly your experts believe safi could possibly have survived yes this must be heartbreaking for you it destroys you destroys you safi was the first person to be carried out of the arena she was put into an ambulance but the report says it didn't have all the necessary equipment on board and now her family has learned details which are unbearable safely asked the paramedic whether she was gonna die eight-year-olds don't ask them questions it doesn't matter how hurt they are they want the mum the one they want to be treated they want to be out of pain not to be in a sound mind to ask a paramedic whether she's going to die whilst all this was happening safie's dad and brother were searching for her at the arena they didn't know she'd gone to hospital now they've learned that opportunities were missed there too our medical experts have suggested that there was procedures that safie could have had and she didn't she was losing that much blood and there wasn't a successful procedure in place to get that blood into saffi even in a a why experts on behalf of the manchester arena inquiry say that safie's injuries were unsurvivable but this new information comes from different experts appointed by her family now we find out that it's two different opinions how can that happen i thought inquiry is there for us to give us the answers that we or even safie deserves in the months ahead safie's mum and dad will hear evidence from the people who are with their daughter in her last moments they say they want the inquiry to get to the full truth about what happened to their little girl judith moritz bbc news manchester

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