Student mental health: Depressed and living in a bubble of one – BBC News

it's currently 8 a.m the weather outside is cold dark gray and miserable which is a reflection of my mood today to be honest i have no other plans today and it's gonna be a just like every other day a day spent alone i feel so rough today but i have this like assignment um already struggling [Music] at its worst it's been three days of just lights out blinds down and just the only time i ever leave bed is to go to the bathroom you just feel like lifeless in a way just feel just like dead i'll come to my crib [Music] i never thought i'd do a freshers alone in my bedroom having to just isolate completely it's been a long time day staring at a screen all day working and not being able to meet friends and socialize with people on the weekend as a university student has it's definitely weird and has definitely taking its toll on me with the added stress of kovid and not being able to meet friends and meet people even socialize with the people in the same building as you adds to that stress and it's definitely it definitely makes it much more difficult you have to go an extra mile to form any sort of friendship so you have to be on social media you have to reach out to people on your course actively and because i have quite bad anxiety that's really really difficult for me if we're being treated like second-class citizens and we're being forgotten about then what's the future of the country going to look like you know because that's us and we've been impacted so negatively by this and we haven't had much support in halls i was very much sort of isolated and even though i did have that contact with my counsel and people who would be there to support me to me they were like strangers it was really hard to open up at one point i know i wasn't where i wanted to be and it was really difficult to reach for help the university accommodations in the government all telling us to come back was was the start of the problem to be honest and then it just got worse as the truth slowly started being told that oh wait no you don't have any in-person lessons you're going to be stuck in your room lockdown's happening the effect this has had on me now and other students like personal life mental health all of it is just going to be it has been negatively impacted it's going to last for a long time i don't see it going away anytime soon [Music] you

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