The farmers hunting down swarms of locusts – BBC News

[Music] the age of five or six we had a quite a big swarm of locusts arrive on the farm it was quite incredible to see how they went to work to decimate the field within 30 to 40 minutes my name's robert salvi we've been farming as a family for five generations currently we're experiencing one of the biggest swarms in the last decade every week we're planting a new block we obviously do fear the locusts coming the next day to eat them up i've got 150 hectares of crop that we need to protect if we do see something we must try and scare them off our fields [Music] your animals will die of hunger then it will be devastating it is anyway devastating for any farmer to lose his animals i'm christopher mellon i'm a farmer in the middleburg eastern cape district i farm with mostly with cattle and sheep we will basically finish the swarms through the night so we won't leave a farm or a swarm that's not fully sprayed and finished hopefully as soon as we see them the teams are always ready it's always teams on standby to be caught and they within an hour they're on site first of all you have to look at the wind direction because of the drift of the insecticide you always want to have the spray drift over the locust we drive 25 meters apart and then you just have your beacons because of the dark you can't judge at night so the beacons is just there for us to drive in a straight line we're winning the battle is struggling that the rain is extremely difficult where we are so most of them we killed it's just east large swarms that coming [Music] yeah of course it's it's tiring last night was the first night in seven weeks i had supper with my kids and my wife so that was quite nice no motivation it's just it's just a service to the community we actually do as a farmer we tend to be resilient in that we farm with the elements and we have many challenges so this is just another challenge for us to overcome

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