Top 20 Service Business Ideas to Start Your Own Business in 2021

[Music] how safe is it to start up a business in today's economy that is dependent on many factors what is the idea is it unique will it fill a niche that is not being filled in your area does it require real estate location how much money do you have for startup costs advertising when making a decision to start a business these are but a few of the factors that need to be considered today we are sharing 20 service business ideas to start a business in this year number one cheap home solar energy setup with maintenance service there is no doubt that reduced pollution is one of the greatest advantages of using solar panels number two warehouse inventory management for e-commerce inventory management is a systematic approach to sourcing storing and selling inventory both raw materials and finished goods or products if you've a good place to build warehouse then you can start this business without huge investment number three mobile wallet payment solution you can provide services about best ways to transfer money store cards perform contactless transactions pay bills securely and so on number four online media and tv media ad specialist company it is still the most effective brand awareness channel tv advertising creates builds and grows brands tv advertising builds brand fame and keeps brands alive in your mind for much longer than sponsored post or a search result number five biometric sensor company biometric sensors are used to collect measurable biological characteristics signals from a human being which can then be used in conjunction with biometric recognition algorithms to perform automated person identification number six rural drone delivery company number seven cyber attack prevention security company number eight i.t as a service company number nine international trade consultant company number ten peer-to-peer business lending company number 11 personal cyber security software number 12 elderly care services or child care services number 13 skyscraper greenhouses number 14 chat box developer chat bots or bots for short are computer programs that interact with people in a way that mimics human interaction to some degree it will help you in workflow management setup and configuration order generation search and data collection this will be good business idea for coding experts number 15 disaster relief location finder mobile application number 16 skilled workers services number 17 financial advisor services in this bad economy number 18 social media management for small businesses number 19 home-based healthcare services and number 20 contact less delivery services many websites offer small business training in the form of articles webinars and other valuable tools local chambers of commerce libraries banks and community colleges offer a wealth of information and knowledge to the person looking to begin their own business many local business owners eager to see their community grow and thrive are happy to share the wisdom they have gained from their own experience if you found this video helpful then like share and subscribe our channel to get future videos

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