Bombardier Business Aircraft – Our journey to number one (2009)

hi I'm Andy nurettin vice president of customer services and support for Bombardier business aircraft although this past year has been one of the most challenging for our industry we haven't retreated from our promises and I remain steadfastly committed to our goal of improving the services and support that we provide let me bring you up to speed on the latest chapter in our turnaround story more specifically on the key areas that you've identified as being critical to your success first we have strengthened our worldwide support by launching mobile response teams in Europe to complement those already operating in North America we've also deployed regional support teams in Asia the Middle East and the South Pacific this means that our field service contingent of nearly 80 experts can be reached at a moment's notice virtually anywhere in the world as for Aug response our performance has improved notably through the better coordination and execution at our customer response centres another major milestone was the launch of our parts Express service in Europe which gives us access to a fleet of aircraft for delivering parts a service that we have been offering our North American customers for two years finally parts performance has been another key area of improvement for us we've had invested heavily in the stocking of our highest demand parts across our network and that means that a dispatch availability for you these are real changes that are setting Bombardier apart as a truly customer focused organization and they're being noticed and voiced by our customers in the overall services I found that bombards commitment to supporting the customer has been greatly improved I think it's to a level now where I am I'm satisfied with the type of service that I'm receiving and really wouldn't ask for much more this customer feedback is reflected in a results from Gallup along with industry surveys conducted by AI n and for pilot magazines in professional pilot magazines 2009 product support survey Lombardia was the only OEM to move up in ranking and to post the highest rating improvement from the prior year with increases across all categories of support this dramatic improvement was also echoed in ains 2009 product support service where Bombardier posted the first and second highest rating increase from the previous year and again was the only OEM to move up in ranking clearly this demonstrates how seriously we take our job of supporting you and our goal of being the best but we're not the best yet however we're well on our way with a clearly plotted course and a destination now within sight we have one of the most dedicated knowledgeable and passionate teams in the industry and our commitment to you is what drives us to go that extra mile whether you're around the corner or halfway around the world who will stop at nothing to keep you flying you

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