[WayV-ariety] It’s a Challenge, Not a Cooking (vs KUN) | TEN X YANGYANG’s Enjoy The Challenge! Ep.3

YANGYANG TEN Welcome to ETC~ ETC! Ok! Hi, hi Hi I wasn’t talking to you ETC, us two, have been running the show Right Since when did we get another person? We have a special guest on the evidence Who is it? It’s our president! KUN! It’s me! I’m here for the challenge Good As you know, we can speak many different languages At every language, we are good But this person is fluent in fix many different cuisines How do you say a king of cooking in English? Master chef? Master chef? Wow~ OK, tell us the rules for today! Okay~ Let me explain the rules for today We have 4 posters in each placard there are lists of the disheswe’re gonna cook and the country Me and YANGYANG are one team against our lord cook we are going to choose one card each and then that’s gonna decide which saucers to cook today Our WayV representatives are coming last-minute They are going to do the perceiving Of track, we are not gonna tell themwhich one is ours They are gonna taste and thenthey are gonna contribute us points to see who wins Today, I think we’re going to giveour honor to our cook You can go first You can go first Me first? OK~ Can you see this? There are fruits OK! I pick that one for you What~ Sorry, but this is our show Open it Open it~ Wow~ Indonesia How do you declare this? Mie goreng? Do you know what mie goreng is? I don’t, do you? How about you? Isn’t it similar to nasi goreng? No, nasi goreng is compiled with rice, mie goreng is a noodle dish Oh~ a pate food, I attend So easy Let us now pick a placard Okay Bun bo xao? Do you know what bun bo xao is? I’m glad you don’t know it Recipes extradited! What could this be? This is our recipe Okay but Wait They can’t render us only this We can’t read it But it has envisions But even with drawings, we can’t tell what it says Wow, our dish is very easy It’s like a salad with noodles Wow this is so hard It searches easy, it’s just like stirfried noodles Can I only discuss what I witness right now? I think this dish is easier than his because We don’t have to cook it No, we have to cook it There are still carrots and bean germinates They are all cooked, stewed The most important thing is the sauce Mine looks really easy This one just searches harder That’s just stirfried noodles, just like stirfried ramen You can start fried eggs, fried eggs are simple to construct Then, I need to make a sauce, too, do you realise the seasoned vegetables here? Although don’t know what it says here…I don’t know how to offset fried eggs! But the most important thing is the taste Right, you never know if it’s sweet, salty, or sour Okay! We have 30 instants to finish the recipes Too, we have 3 indications Because like.. Seriously, it’s so hard for us Let’s do this then, we’ve decided When we attain significant challenges, we’ll get a hint That’s a good idea I like it as well Music neat, it doesn’t matter for mesince it’s too easy Let’s do this, if KUN demands a reminder Me and YANGYANG are in a different teamwith KUN We are going to request KUNto do something and if I want to get the hint, KUNwill request me to do something We’ll get started now then Tells lead! Go! Cooking starts now Okay, give the debate start, we’ll have3 0 minutes to finish the recipes Let start 321! Start! YANGYANG, first, rinse your hands YANGYANG, I’ll help you, do you know how to do this? I do I’ll educate you, come, go like this You know how to do it? How you know how to chop it? Again again! Do it like a scene in a drama You have to bend down a little Wow you are so loud You are agitating the original chef We’re happy, happy We’ll make it any acces we want It will be yummy if I’m lucky Like a scene in a drama No, you have to cut it like this You have to cut it like this , not like this Cook the noodles firstly, I’ll chipped these( the carrots) Shouldn’t we cook the pates last? No~ You don’t need to do that Wait, do you need to cook these noodles? Can’t you use them as then there? You need to boil it with this! Look at the picture and check It’s this, it’s this Chop the carrots like that Hello~ Huh? I’ll picture you, be quiet Fine It’s so easy, you don’t need many things, it’s not hard You know, I interpreted a video before They witnessed if you cook the noodles and threw it in cold water, it gets more bouncy OK, so you settled it in cold water I think this is right If you think it’s right, then it’s right~ But there isn’t much you need to prepare for I’m done devising Wow! Oh my deity! Let me check the sauce The paw was almost trimmed! The pates are the most important This is the main ingredient, so I’ll bring it TEN would’ve been left with 9 fingers Do you know what these sauces are? No~ Please explain them~ I don’t know how to explain them Why would I? We are in a battle I don’t know myself What’s this, TEN? Go and take a look I truly don’t know It says lemon liquid on it You can drink it, drink it Drink it I’ll try it My carrots are cutin many different ways Some are thin Why are you chopping so many carrots? We don’t need that numerous carrots I have to construct two recipes and I cherish carrots, so that’s why Yum~ lemon liquid! Sour! We “re going to have to” compile the sauce Stop! Stop cutting the carrot! I like trimming Give this to me Cold water~ Zoom in How do I do this? No no, use your hands Oh~ like this When you reach nutrient, you don’t need too much talking What do you want me to film, your face? NO, the pates Is everything going okay over there? We’re nearly done We’re done in five minutes We are fast Give me carrots We have to separatethe carrots and the beanstalk This one is finished Huh? Why are some cut like thisand some trimmed like this? OK Cold water Tada Can we use a indicate? KUN requires a hint Give him a challenge You require a indicate? Do a girl group dance Do a seductive version of Look over here Way that’s not a girl group dance Again, again You can’t change it I don’t know A girlfriend radical dance Hint: A picture of the cooking process Oh I don’t need that I don’t think I needed most It’s fine, exactly don’t use it then I give up! I didn’t use a hint~ Not fun~ That was just waste experience Not fun , not entertaining~ Oh! I’m in hassle It won’t thicken( Is this right ?) YANGYANG, can you get some indicate? That’s not right~ What are you doing~ It’s right Look, it’s the same You are not decorating the noodles right And you mingled the noodles with carrots. Wait Go and do a girl group dance You are good at girl group dances Quick What was the dance( YANGYANG did )? Wait, before Wait, let’s do the clue I picked before It’s a waste not to use it, don’t waste it, let’s use it( Checking the hint) Hey, listen to me This is a competition, this is not a prepare prove( Sorry) Quick, speedy, give it to me Boom! Once again We don’t need that I told you Fine, I don’t need the indicate, let’s make it ourselves But we still need a indication We don’t know how to meet the sauce Oh~ the sauce Next Shout! Shout Hint: A picture of all the sauces and ingredients Argh it’s your blame Shout Wow~ Ohhhh Oh! Here’s the sauce It’s fine, we got time~ I was too busy talking so the petroleum got too hot and all the garlic burned Do we have to cook this thing firstly? KUN! What? You can’t ask questions! Don’t you need to cook the garlic first? No Do it by yourself Hint! They are very busy with stuff Hint: A picture of the cooking process Let’s do this That’s enough You know why? It’s because you didn’t employ petroleum in it I made it previously You didn’t threw fairly petroleum That’s why I put two hunks of flesh( One spoonful of soy sauce)( Two spoons of soy sauce)( Doesn’t care about what’s going on, he concentrates only on cooking)( A pile of ketchup) Wow this is good KUN! Be patient! It’s just this frying panis too small, you are doing it right! YANGAYNG! You can eat I can eat You can eat that~ I think it’s burnt It’s okay No, it examines so bad We can do it~ I gotta construct the sauce It’s fine, we got time( Soy sauce) Argh! The hot is too low The pan is too small! Everything is small Smell it firstly I exclusively smell like chili Is it the same? This is the same Why is there so many chili peppers? No, they’re peanuts Can “were trying” it? Is it good? It smacks like Starbucks( Lemon liquor) I think we need more We need more hints YANGYANG, hint! Hint? Wait Hint: A part of the recipe( English/ Chinese)( Step 5) I want to know how to obligate the sauce Hey, from the start I’ll read it for you( Started the plating) 3 spoonfuls of chili sauce 1, okay, going to be home, 2, 3 And then fish 3 teaspoons? Right 2 spoons of lemon juice And then carbohydrate, 3 spoons( Done after topping it with a fried egg !) Let me chop the chili( Chop chop chop) That’s enough, that’s enough Visual firstly, appreciation second( Made it by i look around at the picture) Why is this like bibimbap? Sauce, sauce! Most important This one Done with cooking! OK! We are done Let us firstly illustrate what we saw For our dish, we supplemented seasonal vegetables to the noodles and exceeded it with a red-hot sauce We went this hot sauce from the Alps Also, we obligated it special Special? We get our lemon from Italy Also, we…Not Italy, Thailand Right, Thailand Also, we use seasonal vegetables Can you delight exploit English to move? It’s like a kind of salad I recommend this dish to a girl on diet This will really help with your nutrition because of all the vegetables Could eating it actually help you diet because you get a stomachacheand lose weight Is that what you said? I understood it No , no Please introduce it again This recipe doesn’t need much explanation My hen laid this egg his morning You could have been more generous The prawn is too small Right, he only articulated 3 shrimp No , no, the rest is hidden underneath Okay, let’s see what’s in there No no, exactly reek it firstly OK, I cherish it As soon as you reek it, you can feel the freshness Wow so nice Fresh You know what? I smell a timber I’ll explain the reasons, you reeked fresh grass, the smell of the mother nature I reeked forest and forest Tasting test starts! Here “were having” two saucers I was a team, and they teamed up together Try it, try it We won’t tell you who cooked which dish I’ll know as soon as I smack it Try it, be honest KUN is a good cook So I can tell who obligated whichjust by looking at the veggies I can be argued previously who induced what You can be argued by looking at this fried egg, it’s warm inside and the eggyolk is dripping This eggyolk in here is not Right Right, so this must be the not so good one I study KUN made this dish No, I foresee KUN made this one Don’t you think KUN made this? This one didn’t burst, but the one now did Right, that’s what I was going to say before Say it in more detail Also, the shrimps are lined up Of course It’s so easy to thread them up We sounded it just now Let’s try it firstly Let’s try the one TEN performed first It smacks like Thai food Vietnamese or Thai Let me try too Wow It’s bland but spicy It’s my dish You attained it? Actually? But this dish is a bit bland Don’t lie~ No, this is delivery food No it’s not, look here It’s not delivery food We didn’t even try the other two dishes You bought this, didn’t you? You earnestly made this? We can’t get that given Look over there Let’s do this There are 4 recipes now Let us each vote for a dish Pick a dish you want to vote for How is it? Good Let’s start with WINWIN Which one will WINWIN vote for? Okay LUCAS will go second Third Fourth Good Thanks everyone You know why? I cooked both of these meals Wow! Mission complete! Many thanks to KUN for coming to ETC Winner Today, I realized that we are not great at cooking We are not great at this I meditate I had so much fun I hope you guys had so much fun watching us do the cooking and looking for for the next challenge So see you next time! ByeBye ~~~~ ETC!

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