Things dont ever go as strategy. Specially in the kitchen. But dont cry! There are all kinds of spoofs That turn kitchen mishaps Into delicious triumphs! Its ever delightful When you have time to sit down And experience your breakfast. With a fresh cup of jelly , no less! Is this thing glued shut? GAHHH WHY WONT YOU OPEN ?! GAHH! I really want to eat you !! Woah, whats wrong? This stupid jar. Apparently “youve got to be” the Hulk to openit. Maybe you only need a little help. Watch and learn. This duct videotape is gonna save the day. Wrap the strip in different areas of the lid Once its ensure, pull the end! I cant deemed to be! Thanks! You probably loosened it. Or maybe Im stronger than I mulled. Have no fright, boys and girls, No lid is a match for Super Vicki! Huh? You crave a piece? Thanks! I affection this spice. Lunch is here! And these salads inspect luscious! Tells dig in! Hmm Could use a little flavor.Is anything came to see you? Cmon, anybody home in there? Maybe its time to give up, VIck. Theres an easier road to do that. Just caused the salt help you out! Simply rub it on these humps. The hum loosens the clog at the hole. And make there be flavor! Salt and seasoning will never be the same! Youre a restaurant superstar, Lana! Still studying, Lana? Vicki! Im starved! But I cant stop studying for this test.I make I can beat something up for ya! Whats a good studying snack? What am I are concerned with now Go big or going to go, right? Thank goodness for these sugary sodas! What on earth ?! Are you cooking for a family of four, Vicki? I did ask for precisely one snack, right? Vicki does have a habit of over measuringingredients Woah! I surely overdid it. I cant go through that again. Hey, lemme substantiate you a joke! This bottle is the perfect asses tool! This is enough for one helping. In you go! Second thinks a thing of the past! But were not done yet.A little sauce and a garnish go a long way. Can you believe this is the same amount? This maneuver is a cooking gamechanger. If cutting onions is such an easy enterprise, why do you cry each time you make love? My looks! They exactly cant be used to help! I can do this. No I cant !! So good! Is Vicki crying in there? What the heck happened? This dough ought to oblige things better. Turns out, hampering bread in your mouth Helps you get rid of the onion blues! See? No rips! Its a supernatural! Gotta love carbs, right? Hey! Milks in the fridge. But really because its cold, Doesnt mean it hasnt spoiled ICH !!! This is the worst experience ever! Was it that bad? Oh yeah, this materials gross.Im gonna run to the store, okay? Alright, Im back with the very best! And I checked all the expiration dates. Thats what milks supposed to taste like! Oh! Mind leaving that out? If you dont want it to spoil, sprinkle in a little of salt! Okay, quite a bit of salt! Well, that was the weirdest thing ever. You can thank me later, Vic.Okay. Makes croak! Yaaaawn. Time for the most important meal of the working day. Still good? Tastes fine to me! I owe Lana a big thank you for this trick! The cookies are done! AHH! Lets give these puppies cool off now. Those are so beautiful, Lana! They turned out pretty good, but they still need some frosting. So its a little runny, who cautions? There “theres going”! This isnt right! Aw, follower. Can you really kick lids off bottles? Wow! Could I do that? Exclusively one practice to be informed about. Gives do this. YEAH! Ow! What was that? Whered this collected from? You missed it! I did the ceiling kick challenge! Can I continue this? Let warm it up first. That direction, we can poke a fasten through it. Cut off the end and youve got a spout! And since I took the cover, Ill make the bottle extremely! Go onward and crowd it up with the frosting.Once its full, clamp the lid back on. Way to recycle, madams! Now to see if it actually works. Yep! It constricts out perfectly! No ugly globs here! Theyre approximately too pretty to eat! Look at these cool designs! Ready to articulate these kitchen tricks to gooduse? Be sure to share this awesome video with yourfriends and dont forget to subscribe to our YouTube page, 123 Go! Until next time, friends !.

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