How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews | 2 CRITICAL Reputation Management Tips

as a business when you're online everyone isn't gonna love what you're doing eventually you're gonna get a negative review hi everyone i'm neil patel and today i'm gonna share with you on how you should deal with negative reviews the first thing you need to know is when someone leaves a negative review you should respond if they say let's say they don't like your service that you're providing you should explain why your self versus great and what you're gonna do to fix it or if they're completely wrong you should respond on hey I appreciate the feedback and here's what we're going to do to improve the experience for you next time and here's why we think we actually have a decent service or product or offering right but you're not gonna please everyone and when you respond to these people make sure you do it in a positive way don't just say no you're wrong and you don't know what you're talking about it has to be positive such as I appreciate your feedback and here's why I disagree or here's what we're gonna do to fix and second and this is really the last one improve your business even if you don't feel you're right just try to improve take people's feedback to heart and try to make your business better the more you try to please other people eventually you'll get less and less negative reviews and yeah you may not have a perfect rating but you could be four point five or four point seven stars out of five and that's good enough no one is perfect over time a Vinci you're gonna get a negative review

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