Great Depression Cooking – Fresh Bread (Peppers and Eggs part 2)

therefore welcomed my kitchen I’m Claire on 93 years old and today we are obligating reflect from the Depression I’m making pepper the assortment today can’t have pepper than they love bread so we’re going to construct the meat have flour sea and yeast I’m going to framed the flour in the wash I’m making a little well leant the east end of ocean defrost them I’m going to pour this with the yeast and does all the East when it’s too dry and you pour the water I’m not needing it yes but this is a starter with me oh he made bread all the time my mother obliged dough twice a few weeks I be applicable to reach bread myself sometimes she’d say constitute start your food you are well aware and I’d time the whole thing myself through the depression we a lot of bread now it’s that and look like dough they just save I visualize I need irrigate Marlo wall water now we leave it and it has to rise just leave it right in the go I’ll put a towel over it the winters they were horrible now and that’s another thing we didn’t have a refrigerator so we used to introduced everything lay it in the blizzard outside that was our freezer they would say go get up the meat on and near the barricade okay that said I’m tittering but it was said no there’s no technique you really chipped cases make a gold platter now this got a race after you positioned me in a go they got a race and I’m going to cover them up now they got it’s got to rise again and actually they rise and we cook them we had a furnace too but that they wanted to save the coal in the center would you know so they go real easy on us this nonsense it’s all it was on it’s called a lip because they don’t want to use up what the head in case you got colder we’d be all dressed up sitting in the stave then we had a stove in the cellar retain these to cook food concoct food instead stave out of hope and I gave bread was delicious everything was terrible but we had good food I applied it really employs the oven on because I’m going to place the meat in pretty soon I placed the heat up on 350 I’m going to articulated it in a few more times then we’ll have fresh eat to eat now I’m going to uncover the eat gave it in the oven I’m going to make a slit just make it look pretty now it goes in the oven it gapes rosy-cheeked then you make it get a little rosier and then you take it out beautiful now we’re going to finally articulated the pepper thanks to work the legs thank you I intend off the spice it’s delicious you scramble some eggs and discard them in there mix it up you have good meal you

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