Cooking with Valkyries S2 Episode 3: Freestyle Tapas – Honkai Impact 3rd

Well, I borrowed this camera from the school, but I’m no good at it … Allow me to tune the lens for you … There, I have defined a bigger aperture. Sorry for the fus, Rita. It was nothing. I’m honored to be invited to the welcome party for new roommates. Not to mention that it was I who put forward the proposal to make photos and film the phenomenon. It’s a pleasure to be of service. How should I put it … It would be a loss if the highlights of the party are not recorded. Absolutely. Please take a look at the photo. Good job. Fu Hua, how about we engrave it out, frame it, and situated it on the nightstand? Uh? Rita! Quick! Film me in the kitchen! My master piece is coming in hot! Kiana! Be careful in the kitchen on your own! Miss Himeko, please stay still.I’m trying to comb your hair. I entrust the recipe to Kiana. The formula is as safe as is likely to be, so you can rest easy. But … Don’t worry, I’ll go check on her. Rita Rita, gimme a closeup first! Wait till Mei sees my work of art! Her jaw’s gonna smacked the storey! Rita, you gotta zoom in closer! We gotta capture the very minute of its completion! Tada! Huh? Hmm … This is not exactly what Fu Hua offset … Miss Kaslana. Should I continue zooming in? Kiana Idiotka, what’s the fuss about? NoNothing! You didn’t see nothing! Stop fooling around and get help Mei. Cheese, olive, ham, avocado, honeydew, tomato … Whoa! Check out the ingredients! Wotcha constituting today, Mei? Tapa, a famed snack in Spanish cuisine.Simply situate, it’s a bitesized dish that can be done by skewering or stacking different ingredients on toothpicks or bread. It’s the most fun when everyone is involved. Count me in! I wanna play with food! Then I’ll leave all is you while I’m deep-seated the table. Got it! This is Kiana’s time! First, a slice of savory Spanish ham. Next, a slice of sugared honeydew.Done! Looking fab! As expected of me! This does not appear to be palatable … Miss Kaslana didn’t make dark synthesi menu today. Her choice of honeydew and ham is in fact in accordance with the key to building tapas. Which is to blend sweetness and saltiness perfectly. Miss Zaychik, would you like to have a bite? The Bronya discovers it hard to believe … Fuaaa! I made something so yummy without anyone’s aid, which conveys … I’m a genius after all! Meeeeeeeeeeei! Mei! Fabulous! I’ve recorded everything. Try out honeydew ham! IT’S LITERALLY … the very best … Darn it! They’re not falling off this time! Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei! I intend it! Mei, open your mouth, you won’t be disappointed! Okay, but we can take it gradual. Nothing has fallen off this time. Nom … Nom … Fuaaa. The Bronya cannot pair parts. For tapas … No pairing is too wild if you dare. But tapas do not have deposited recipes … What you must find out is what you want to have and with whom you want to share it. The Bronya craves … The Bronya wants to share it with … Chorizo … Pickled olives … Nom. Unbelievable … The saltiness and sourness of olives balanced out the spiciness of chorizo.If The Bronya adds cheese … Oh? The Bronya will attempt to clear more. Bronya made some weirdlooking tapas that taste better than they seem. Not as good as mine, but close! The tapas made by Kiana were random instances. You’re just jealous. You can’t compete with my ultra cooking instinct! By the lane~ Rita must know many more awesome combos! C’mon, tell us once! Let’s see … How about tomato and buffalo mozza … Oh. I’ve decided to keep them to myself. The mystery to good tastes should be explored by yourself … Or you’ll miss out on the catches ..

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