Cooking and Testing VIRAL Food – HIT or MISS..| CookWithNisha

Social media is loaded with weird meat these days what’s this idli made from egg !! yeah thats mitti ki daal extremely was a different concept even I’ve tried some of them so thought to share my experience with you all causes try something new apart from basic cooking so gives start with our creepy prepare food that Mitti ki daal was so tasty thought to start testing viral nutrient from this as its mitti ki daal so need a clay utensil steam daal with all the spices as we do with naturally to cook it its season taking to cook it in clay potty boiled on the other hand make it Tadka mix this in Daal we’ll do its testing extremely but causes make this egg idli first apply petroleum on the idli plate and leant eggs yeah it get cooked with in steam but want to know about how it perceive add some veggies to make it more healthy takes around 57 instants to get cooked switch off the gas flame now and allow it to cool these egg idlis looking so good For Bread Ice Cream we need gave an ice cream scoop over it cover it with a bread slice cut it like this using a bowl remove the edges likewise prepare some more now fry these make sure bread is not opened otherwise icecream will come out of it now its time test these weird food firstly causes try this daal cooked in clay container its excellent appetite got double-faced if concoct anything on a low-toned flare thumbs up to it now its turn to egg idli you can also somewhat fry it or scatter it with salt and black pepper thumbs up to it its good in penchant and likewise looking good presentation wise this is oily its better to give bread& ice cream separately so thumbs down to these food ice cream s

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