Anatoli, slav mead specialist – Cooking with Boris

{74-AK} {Glance} haha! {AK-47} Kalashnikov, Suka! Boris won again! Welcome back! Whether we started making honey wine Two weeks have already passed. After some time While playing about 300 games. We made a new game, and its name is It's Kalashnikov. I'll tell you how to do it next time. No problem. But for now, you have to proceed with step 2. Anatoly, are you ready? {DERP} {Heheheo} The Kalashnikov game is very simple. The winning hand is always AK-47. Little Comrade Boris stood by this honey wine. For roughly two weeks {fortnight}. Uh, right. That Fortnite is a unit of measure. With the strong and strong Slavs Pick this guy's pot! Anatoly, use your strength! Honey wine is dying! I'll watch Boris-Tarot for you while opening. Uh uh… … Oh! You will be the king! What kind of king do you want to be? King of honey? Hey Shiva! Oh, shit! Why? You don't like the tarot I watched? It doesn't matter. I'm going to use this new keg. Pour the old ones into a new bucket. This process-is called racking. {racking-tortures} Why? My Albania. Anyway, let's get started. Anatoly, I heard that you have a new skill.

What else is that? No, bring the hose. Whatever it is {Strong and strong piston quality of slab} {The piston quality, it's like a futile shot.} {Ugh idiot} This sounds like a bottle filling, isn't it? It's not just filling the whole keg. {The gentle and gentle touch of the Slavs} {The touch is like a lover.} Oh, that makes sense now. Found by Anatoly After figuring out how to use this questionable pump Honey wine here Moving all the way over there It took less than an hour. Anatoly, all you need is a hose. Other than anything weird. What else is this? {made in Italy} This explains why it is so slow. Stay focused. Don't raise the honey wine from the bottom of the old barrel.

This transfer process is in making honey wine It is an essential process. To the sake you're making So that there is no live yeast You have to deal with it clearly. Using the air lock used before Once again, close this keg. Anatoly Where is your gas mask? Now, use mine. Be careful Don't worry, brother. I always carry a spare chain. There may still be bubbles from the yeast inside. {Slavic hand taste} Look, it's still alive. That's why you have to do the right up. Once again for a few days Try closing your pores.

Some friends try to make this at home Suka! A deep sigh Some friends without airlock To make this at home Then what happens In a few days, you will have your own Chernobyl. And that's why you need an airlock. Boom {Secret Slab Mix} {What was it} {Secret Slab Mini Mix} And this is Honey wine making It's step 2. As you can see here, I transferred it to a smaller barrel. From Fatman As a little boy. I'm going to bottle it after this step. This honey wine, reliable- I'll leave it to little Boris. Now you can wait about a week. Until the airlock breathes again. Come on, Anatoly You know the rules The loser turns the card.

And, uh… … See you next time Marsira, comrades Thank you for watching, and you're chic. A week later This next card Decide how much honey wine will count 8 degrees! Good! We are back Airlock currently has no post-stiffness now It's time to bottle. Of course you should use a glass bottle. Not plastic Anatoly! Make the first one. Don't be burdened Use any glass bottle you have Beer bottle Kvass disease Vodka bottle I don't care anything. As long as it is clean and empty In fact, it doesn't even have to be clean.

Let's have a cocktail with some vodka underneath. Here, use this No no, this is not a Nuka-Cola bottle cap no. As you can see This gophnic is using this retro-bottle opener I am confused how to use it. Hurry up Anatoly, 24 left. How fucking good? I am here It declares that it is drinkable. Also to Boris… … no! Recognized by Anatoly, who wrote Ushanka. Anatoly, I will give you this glory.

good No no no it's not over yet! Oh, you just wanted to drink Not talking I said Anatoly This in a few months It tastes better. Okay, this is the last bottle, It's the first bottle of Super Slavic Honey Wine. It is finally completed. I'm kidding I'm afraid I'll put this on our online shop. But still many people 24-hour Boris free pass I thought it was real {????} And this is It's a way to make super-slavic honey wine. And what you call it dry honey wine. Because I didn't add any sugar! I'll get this in about two months. I have to try tasting. Thank you for watching, Chiki-British. {Nod nod} {Watchman: Little Boris}.

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