Social Media Audits | Digital Marketing Series | Hindi

Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we are talking about Social Media Audits and at the end of the video there will be a home work for your brand in this series we have discussed a hole lot about theory and now its time for practical approach so there will be a hole of home work for you which you must do at your home.

So what is social media audit? social media audit means you can able to check your own page how its fine or bad which parameter likewise we give exams and the the result same in social media platform where we judge our result so in the beginning we must search all our pages in social media platform most of the time when we start our business we create our page including our brother,sister,wife or our employee. by doing this we make a hole lot of IDs so out of our one brand there are a hole lot of IDs in the market so first we have to identify which one IDs is best for us.

So how to we do it? There are some parameters of it. first of all you must collect all the IDs and their admin account admin which is available you must keep of it and then eliminate the rest of unavailable IDs then you must measure all these IDs on the above parameters how is the accuracy means my address,name,mobile no,brand logo,photos their types plus their branding.Branding means of your brand image is increasing or decreasing check its post relevant to your brand or not so you have to find out all that so you have to check and list all the parameters so as you see here there are four so if I find this page is matching this parameter,then I wll list that ID on that parameter next we will check all the matrix matrix means number of post I have submitted,types of post,number of likes and all related to your page. so as we know more number of likes means relevant post,less like means bad post so the one with more number of like I will prioritize more and vise versa here I will also check number of post,remember relevant one, the more post then more priority and vise versa also I will check number of engagement in my post,comments and likes all these parameter I will judge on it.

Then I will finalise the best page for my business and that's all If you haven't done all these things then I will suggest you a simple thing this is your homework no 1 you have to just find your 5 competitor and 5 inspiration which ever category you are working on just search page relevant to that then check there all the parameters which I have discussed above and now with 5 inspiration page and see every thing on that page like the type of post they put,which post they receive most numbers of likes and how can you take there ideas and apply to your business thake inspirational ideas from them look at your competitor page and how you can do different from them.

So when you acquire this much amount of data than comes your homework two here you have to make a calendar means social media calendar this is the most difficult part,so I will not recommend you for the hole year but from the next monday till next two months make a calendar of which post I will put on monday,time what the post will have a photo or a video or a gif will my product will sell or not and the one I said about conveyance,educate,inspire so in this where your post land so I am repeating you once again,don,t always sell your product.80/20 rule so I will prepare my post in all these parameter and make a calendar based on that full detailed 2 month calendar in means if I am posting photo on monday than what will be the text or I would post only a photo then what will be the text below that.

Or if not this than what next time if posting gif or photo whatever every thing in the calendar so until next tuesday if someone mails me than I will show there calendar in the youtube I will discuss his or her calendar also I will discuss their floss basically I will review their full calendar so do your homework properly or if you dont have any business than you can work on lapaas Lapaas is our digital marketing Institute and company we provide SEO services and digital marketing courses we educate and work on the projects we do all works related to digital marketing,web-development,app-development everything every digital architect is required for business establishment we provide here so I have provided you a basic idea about business so go and research how can you make a calendar if you check on facebook.Lapass page had no activity till yet why because I don't think from there we would get any traffic.

but we will experiment,so if someone who is interested then mail me we will reveiw that one also so with this video ends here hope you will liked the video. If you find any difficulty ask me in the comment section below also like and share the videos do tell in the comment section about the video and the one who is interested then mail me the calander buy good bye,good morning,good night whenever you are watching the video..