Bang On In Network Marketing | MLM Training Course (Download PDF 👇)

A few days before I uploaded a video in which
I talked about the education system in India at the end of the video I asked you a question
that you tell on which topic do you want that I should train you on that video, I got a lot of comments and
on that video the most shocking thing was that more than 50% of the comments were on
one field one industry and that was on network marketing you all said to me that you all
want me to train you on network marketing industry. so after a few days, I uploaded one more video
on this channel truth about MLM truth about network marketing when I uploaded a video
on that then I told you the truth that network marketing is an
industry which can make a normal person can become a special person through this industry
you can make all of your dreams come true but the condition is that you have to understand
in this industry an 80/20 principle works which means that 80% of the work done by everyone
with which nothing but only 20% of the results are produced and 20% of the work is there
with which 80% of the results are produced all of your focus should be on one thing that
you have to learn those 20% work and generate results of 80% the challenges that no one
is there to teach you I also didn't have this and I can understand that you also want a
mentor a coach who could teach you that how to master those 20% of things and become successful
in this industry at the end of the video I told you that I am giving your link of a registration
form fill that up and if a good response would come then we will launch a course for you
well within 5 days you have done more than 5000 registration I am continuously getting
thousands of queries thousands of enquiries saying sir that at any cost we want this course
tell us that how could you train as we want to become successful in this industry on personal
emails on Facebook messages on comments of this video many people told me that they want
this course when is it launching when will be how to do this how can we participate in
this you tell.

I'll tell you that I really want that all
of you become successful but you all know that I have a busy schedule many people are
there who want a personal coaching of mine but I can't give it to everyone but yes I
have promised this that I'll give you this course because I've told you yes you can be
successful if you want to and I'll coach you because to me also I got many information
from different mentors and I want to give you all this information at once so that you
can become successful because this is a kind of information which can make you an expert
in this industry do you understand this if 5000 people get this information then in this
industry in this network marketing industry what hasn't happened in last 50 years will
happen within next 5 months.

I am ready to train you know i'll tell you
how you will get this training how can you participate in this course and what are you
going to learn to see this course will launch on 15 September. in this course, you will feel that you and me
are having a one on one training I am giving your one on one coaching. you will really feel that i am there with
you to make a successful so daily morning you will get a training video after that
training videos you will get a worksheet from us in that worksheet there will be some questions of which you have to give answers yourself after giving the answer to those questions you will feel
that storming of your brain is happening what you will learn is going into your subconscious
mind and in that worksheet only there would be some tasks which you have to do when you
will daily watch a video every day and fill up worksheet doing you will see that as you are
moving forward in that course in two months you your income would be increasing your team
would be increasing your confidence level would be boosting up and definitely your personality
would also show some changes in this course what all you will learn in this course we
will talk about 7 fundamental principles at first we will talk about the factor that is
mindset what this means it is what it can do you what is it I'll tell you with a simple
example there are many people who meet you and are negative you meet such people who are negative about network marketing I also used to meet them and today
also, I meet them but from then and now the change is that when I used to meet those people
then I wasn't able to make them positive but today when I meet those negative people after talking to me they get curious about network marketing and then they get inspired by this Industry
that how much fantastic this industry is these changes came into me because I developed
the mindset and when I will give you that mindset then you can also whether it be one
person in front of you or thousands of people infront of you.

Whichever people you will meet you will make
then Ultra positive about network marketing you won't see how many people are there
in front of you but people will listen to you because you will have such kind of a mindset
the second factor on which we would work is skill development now in skill development
you will develop such skills which are utmost for your success you people ask me question
that how can we meet new people how can we do prospecting and through internet how can we recruit people, you want to know through Facebook how to recruit new people, how to do through LinkedIn how can
we utilize social media on an optimum level there are many people to recruit this is a
skill prospecting is a skill after that Sir how we have to invite people to meet one on
one for opportunity meeting how to invite people you want to know that this is a skill
do you want to learn that how to give a presentation how to give a plan how to talk in a meeting
it is a skill you need to learn the presentation skills and now that the presentation is done
then how to follow up how can people join teach us this we all know that Fortune is
in the follow up but how to do it is a skill after that, you have to close people you want
people to join them finally for that, you need to learn
closing that is a skill and ultimately you need to learn objection handling many people
ask you a question and the questions are in a way that you aren't able to answer them
people tell you that they don't have money people tell you they don't have time people
tell you that products are expensive people say that products are inexpensive people say
that network marketing isn't working people people say that only top people earn what answer
you have to give people want to know how much are you earning this we have to learn these
all are the skills which we will develop in this course I will inculcate all the skills
in you so don't worry you are not gonna learn all this let's move forward to the third fundamental
factor that is Momentum building if you make people join and you don't know what you have
to make them do within 30 days then I am going to tell you that how you could use your prospect
more than 50% of the people who join in network marketing within 30 days of the joining they
bid farewell to this industry because they don't do what you will learn in this course
that at first within 30 days what you have to make a prospect do and finally how to build
Momentum how have to bring speed in your team according to science once you gain the momentum
your mass increases as soon as you gain momentum your mass increases your size of team would
increase your personality would increase you will develop and finally your cheque mass
would increase you want to increase that so this course is for you after that we will
work on leadership development you in this industry have to understand there are three types
of people first are Gambler who think of network marketing as a lottery and play
it like lottery they think that a network marketing is like a lottery that if it works
okay we will talk to some people if it works okay if it didn't work then also doesn't matter
it's a lottery are you that kind of a person if you are then don't be even in the second
category those who are amateur these people who is an amateur are those lions who get
the taste of the blood but they don't know how to hunt they don't develop skills
within themselves, they just want success and they do to hard work continuously for months or years they do hard work but they aren't able to achieve anything and these amateur people that they
don't join such kind of courses you don't do this mistake and in finally the third category those who are leaders those who take this course who invest in their personal
development who want to improve themselves and ultimately lead their team and become
a crore earner in network marketing so come leaders category and how you have to
do that is how you can produce leaders in your team you will learn in this course fifth
factor on for which we will work in this course is action plans many people who come meet
me ask the straight away question that sir you have listened to our problem now tell
us what we have to do now what to do right now just tell us what we have to do today
whatever you say we will do today we will do the same give us that action plan I'll give you a training of 2 months and after 2 months in this course I will teach you 3-month action plans on which you have
to work with which in this industry you can be a top earner you will be a top achiever
in your company and let me tell you one thing if you become top earner once then after that
you should come to me with a box of sweets because what I'm going to tell you the action
plans which I am about to give you they aren't that action plans that I believe in them
or I have faith that they will work for you I know that these action plans will make you
successful there are three levels that at first I believe in it that this will
happen if I second that I have faith that I have trust this will happen and the third is that I already
know that this plan will work for you and it will work like magic 3 months which I am
saying I'll teach you in this course do that out of all the people who will take
this course I promise you that you will do a bang in this network marketing India will
feel a vibration that in this industry a bang has happened all of India would vibrate a way
would come in India that people like you are becoming successful and you will become
successful definitely these action plans are for you six factors on which we would be working that is success principles there are those principles which you have to learn to be a successful in network
marketing if you didn't learn this then you won't be able to get huge success in network
marketing those principles what are we will learn in this course and finally building
a strong Foundation you want that it network marketing will be a multi-level money machine
from next level you will get money from the next level you will get lakhs from your downline
for that, you have to learn how to make a deep solid Foundation which we will learn in this
course so you are going to learn all this course and when you will be you will
learn all this so you can understand that you will do a bang on in network marketing
you will do a bang so whatever you are going to do I know you are with very excited I know
you are serious for your dreams and you will do this 100% see when I started that what
all I am going to teach you I feel I knew it then it took me three years
to become a crore earner in network marketing and all these things you are taking in 10 times
less time you can be within three months or 5 months and company be doing a fantastic
job and people don't be knowing what you are doing this will be a secret key this course
is launching on 15th September but those people people who want this course you
want to start this course as soon as possible you can participate in pre launch offer how
you have to participate in that offer for that it I have given some link in the description
box of this video where you can download PDF in Hindi or English in which you will get
all the details about the course and how you have to register in this course how you can
get this course you will get all the information and if you want it a straightforward information
about this course then you can call on the the number is shown on your screen note this number
and call on it immediately early 500 people will only get this pre launch offer after
that pre launch offer would be over so whoever want to participate in this free launch offer
and take that offer and what it is out of it can call on the numbers shown on
your screen so once you go with this course you will become Unstoppable you will be a
recruiting machine finally you will be be a leader in network marketing and what
all your dreams are just imagine if you will be a top earner in your company then what
will happen just imagine if all of the dreams you so all the people to whom you said that
you will be successful and you actually become then what they will think what you can do for your family for yourself for your Society for this country
think about it so you think about this what you all you can achieve if you take this course
I tell you this that in India no such course has launched which specifically is helping
people in network marketing out of India there are many people who take courses but those courses
are out of your reach with these courses which are in front of you and this course can make
a multi-millionaire in network marketing this I tell you this is a number one course in the entire
network marketing industry if you learn all this then you don't have to go to different
people you can save a lot of your time you will save a lot of your effort you will save
a lot of your money which you will waste on dumb things just focus on what I am teaching
you and I'll tell you that you will become Unstoppable you will become successful and
finally, you goselfmade call on the number that is shown on your screen and participate
on the pre launch offer

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