BBC 1. Finance Analysis with Alpesh B.Patel 5-4-2012 –

butter this being stalked specific you've actually seen losses there the likes of Lloyds Bank royal bank of scotland BSkyB a pretty turbulent week for them and of course the ledger group halfords or joining me now to talk us through some of the key elements is alpesh patel principal of price Finian partners alpesh a very good day to you I taught there about banks mean they really have been the theme of the week and it's the eurozone again really hitting them hard on that bottom line well I should have got a slightly different analysis to you though Julian actually I think yes europe and the european store and particularly the spanish bond yields and the price that the investors having to pay for spanish debt has gone up and there was some concern but let's look at the bigger picture with the american market and consumer confidence there is that a four-year high in america and that's been the reason for the pull back in the states and that's the spill over into europe which has led for the pullback in europe whereas you're right there have been some losses recently over the last few weeks and this week in the footsie 100 and so on but that's only been because we've had a very strong first three months of this year in the equity markets so i actually think that the American side is a very positive story and Europe comes and goes as positive and negative but we're talking about a flat European economy we're not going to get any growth that's fine it's not recession okay and of course it's worth noting certainly in terms of Europe again the thing and down the thinning down or some of the trades because we are coming up for the Easter break but being a bit more stop specific I want to focus for example on how furs now the interesting thing there is that they've said they're on target for profits but the shareholders don't appear to believe them judging by the drop in the stock who's telling the truth stock prices can be deceptive particularly after noon news I've made a very brief look at the Halfords story and part of this is that of course some of this information is priced in and people sell off the back of that also they may well expect well this is the peak of the good news surely if you announce some good news in terms of profit expectations you're not going to get better news so let's get out of there as quickly as possible don't forget this whole area leisure spending and retail in particular retail discretionary is what Howard's falls into of course is under a lot of pressure from spending in the UK and in European markets not so much as we've seen sorry to bring it back to the US not so much as I've seen in the US markets where people are gaining confidence dipping into savings not higher salaries but we're not seeing that in Europe and we're not seeing in the UK and that could be one reason for the house Alford's share price movements other versions of the two-track economy alpesh patel we'll leave it there but thank you so much for joining us with that assessment of the financial market

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