What is an entrepreneur?

So, what exactly is an entrepreneur? It’s just a fancy word for someone who starts a new business, and if you’ve ever wondered what it means to be one then look no further… The folk here at Big Ideas Wales know that there’s no one better to tell you what’s involved and the skills you’ll need than: entrepreneurs. So we asked some. Their answers can be summed up in four words: Attitude; Creativity; Relationships; and Organisation. So, let’s have a look at attitude – Having a positive attitude will get you a long way, even when sometimes things are not going the way you’d like them to! Be confident in your ideas, believe in yourself and persevere.

It’s your determination to see things through that will make things happen, What about creativity – well think of it as solving a problem. All you need is a little imagination, look at something with a fresh pair of eyes, think a bit differently and BINGO you’ve done it, you’ve just come up with a brilliant new idea. So, take a look around and ask yourself, how could I make that just that bit better – tap in to that brilliant imagination that you have and off you go! Ok, now Relationships Running a business is definitely a people thing! Having a good relationship with your customers, employees, suppliers, partners and other businesses is essential for success. Be willing to talk to everyone and listen to what they have to say. The more people you know the easier it will be for you to use your powers of persuasion and get things done! And lastly, organisation – To get to grips with the day-to-day running of a business, good organisation skills are essential.

You will need to understand how to raise finance, manage your money and deal with tax. You’ll need to set up systems to make your business tick, from IT systems to planning and record keeping. The more organised you are the smoother things will run! Yes, there’s a lot to consider, but many entrepreneurs told us that they asked friends, family, colleagues and professionals for help along the way, so you’re not alone! Starting a business is an exiting adventure full of new experiences, with some highs, some lows, some tough decisions and a lot of hard work! But as an entrepreneur the power’s in your hands, just tap into that imagination of yours, be positive, be friendly, be organised and you’ll surely be very successful! For inspiration and information on becoming Wales’ next young entrepreneur visit Big Ideas Wales..

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